Areti Vogel

Assistant Professor of Practice in Management

With experience representing firms and families in litigation as well as transactional matters, A.T. Vogel, PhD, JD, conducts interdisciplinary empirical research and serves as one of the coaches of the Hatter Management and Organizational Behavior (HAT MOB) Student Research Group.

  • PhD, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
  • JD, Stetson University College of Law
  • MBA, IFA Paris
  • BBA, Stetson University


Areti Vogel


Since childhood, Vogel has had an interest in competitive ecosystems and, in particular, interpersonal dynamics and dispute resolution within that context, acting as a peer mediator for the Florida educational system until her matriculation. This experience translated into her law practice, which, prior to earning her doctorate, was targeted at resolving real and intellectual property, business, estate planning, and probate disputes, as well as medical malpractice defense. To glean a comprehensive understanding of the phenomena underscoring her cases, Vogel integrated empirical research into her practice. Today, Vogel supports families, strategic partnerships, and entrepreneurs interested in comprehensively integrating knowledge to design alternative structures at varied levels of organization and/or create conscious processes for the acquisition, use, and preservation of resources.

More About Areti Vogel

Areas of Expertise

  • Organizations
  • Consumption
  • Applied legal studies

Course Sampling

  • Strategic Management
  • Governance and Succession Planning
  • Cross Cultural Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • Principles of Entrepreneurship

  • Competitive ecosystems and risk management
  • Family and consumer science
  • Alternative modes of acquisition, organizational structures and conflict resolution
  • Applied behavioral economics and health
  • Identity and nonverbal communication
  • Real and intellectual property management

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  • Vogel, A. T., Vogel, J., Cook, S. C., Nalven, M., & Flynn, L. (2023). Identity theft and nonverbal communication: Ecosystemic ingress and egress. In preparation; not yet submitted.
  • Vogel, A. T., Vogel, J., Watchravesringkan, K., Cook, S. C., Beasley, J., Croom, R., Peterson, D., & Finkelstein, J. (2023). Design piracy: An interdisciplinary investigation into competitive industrial behavior. Journal of Business Research, 164, 1-10.
  • Vogel, A. T., Cook, S. C., & Watchravesringkan, K. (2019). Luxury brand dilution: Investigating the impact of renting by Millennials on brand equity. Journal of Brand Management, 26(4), 473-482.
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  • Vogel, A. T. and Watchravesringkan, K. (2017). Consumer evaluations of trend imitation: Brand equity, consumer attitudes and preference. Journal of Product and Brand Management, 26(5), 516-527.