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Develop expertise in systems analysis, software development, artificial intelligence and more, gaining a foundation in the fundamentals of computer science. Our computer science program emphasizes practical skills built on theoretical foundations. Every course is designed to give students hands-on real-world practice with cyber security tools, big data analysis, programming language design, networking, operating system development, parallel computing and web applications.

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Program Overview

Our graduates are recognized by employers and graduate schools for knowing modern tools and technologies that most undergraduate students at other schools never experience. Our courses are continually revised to stay up to date with recent trends in programming languages, application development techniques, libraries and hardware.

We take advantage of small class sizes and strong faculty-student relationships to push students to their greatest potential.

Student Clubs

Our computer science program has multiple student clubs where students focus on forwarding technological advancement through group projects, events and practices.

ACM Student Chapter

The ACM Student Chapter hosts weekly events ranging from gaming tournaments, faculty lectures and hardware-building competitions. They are also responsible for hosting the annual High School Programming Contest.

Stetson Hacker Space

Stetson Hacker Space hosts weekly events focused on building websites, mobile apps and hardware. They are also responsible for hosting the annual sudo "HackStetson" Hackathon.

Ladies in STEM

Ladies in STEM host bi-weekly events focused on event-planning and different activities that promote and encourage women in the STEM industries.


Our experienced and successful faculty will help guide you through the journey of our computer science program.

  • Joshua Eckroth, PhD, The Ohio State University
  • Hala El-Aarag, PhD, University of Central Florida
  • Basar Koc, PhD, University of Miami
  • Daniel Plante, ME, North Carolina State University, PhD, University of Notre Dame

Career Significance

Graduates from computer science and related fields enjoy one of the highest entry-level salaries of all majors, and flexibility to focus a career in areas such as,

  • Cybersecurity
  • Mobile and web apps
  • Game development
  • Virtual reality
  • Data science
  • Cloud computing
  • Entrepreneurship

Graduates from our program have moved on to rewarding careers at major technology-driven companies.

Career Outlook

There is no doubt that demand for computer science majors remains one of the strongest across all sectors. In the past 12 months, there were approximately one million job posting related to this degree program, and Florida remains one of the top five states with openings for computer science majors. The Miami metro area alone had more than 40,000 listings in 2019.

Source: Burning Glass Technologies 2019.

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