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Cybersecurity expenditures are increasing at a rapid pace as the rise of cybercrime continues to accelerate around the world, increasing the need for a cybersecurity workforce. In Stetson University's cybersecurity program, you have the opportunity to respond to the cybersecurity industry's staffing needs. You will learn skills that are necessary for becoming a cybersecurity professional in its eight-course curriculum.

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Program Overview

Cyber attacks are the fastest growing crime in the United States, and they are increasing in size, sophistication and cost. You will have the opportunity to audit Stetson University and/or partnering companies and try to expand the initiative with a cybersecurity degree that stands out, is distinctive and provides you with learning opportunities that will be difficult to find at other institutions.

Opportunities in the Classroom

Stetson's cybersecurity program will have attentive, smaller classes and will provide you with hands-on experience. You will receive invaluable knowledge, including information about ethical and corrupt hacking.


Our experienced and successful faculty will help guide you through the journey of our cybersecurity program.

  • Joshua Eckroth, PhD, The Ohio State University
  • Hala El-Aarag, PhD, University of Central Florida
  • Basar Koc, PhD, University of Miami
  • Daniel Plante, ME, North Carolina State University, PhD, University of Notre Dame

Career Significance

Cybersecurity is becoming one of the most important things to deal with as a society. As a society integrated into the internet one way or another, people depend on these systems to work properly. Everyone's data is out there and readily available, and it's up to the cybersecurity professional to protect it.

The world needs authorized cybersecurity professionals on the white hat or ethical side of hacking who are acting just the same as the black hat or malicious hacker. The black hat hackers will sell your information when they find it. This program will instruct you on ways to stay ahead of the black hat hackers and beat them at their own game, where you can do what they do but do it even better.

Career Outlook

The dramatic rise in cyberattacks by independent hackers and even government-supported entities highlights the need for professionals with the knowledge and learning to respond. A distinctive element of Stetson's program is its sponsorship of an annual live, real-world hack that allows students to put their ideas and theories into practice.

Source: Burning Glass Technologies 2019.

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