Collage of photos from class activities and Stetson's campus

What is Sociology?

Stetson University's Department of Sociology and Anthropology develops undergraduates as social researchers and informed citizens, both locally and globally. The department emphasizes social inequality, social institutions, and social change to develop a better understanding of social justice. 

Learning outcomes of the department are described as follows:

  • Evaluate data using major paradigms, theories and research methodologies in sociology
  • Analyze problems of substantial sociological significance through the exploration of social justice and propose solutions based on sociological insights
  • Design and execute original, ethical and empirical studies to answer relevant research questions
  • Communicate effectively both in scholarly written prose and oral presentations

Sociology is the study of the development and functioning of social life and human behavior. With the recent events experienced in today’s world, understanding of our current social context and how it affects our behavior is fundamental to moving forward as a society. Sociology courses at Stetson University prepare students for a life of service in a variety of fields. Class sizes are small, which offers students one-on-one attention and practical, hands-on experience through internships.

Sociology Major Requirements

Sociology Minor Requirements