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Recent Student Research Projects

Titles of select senior research theses completed in partial fulfillment of the Sociology major requirements:

  • The Social Demographics of Suicide
    S. Dale, 2002
  • Characteristics of Advanced-Level and Regular-Level Classrooms and their Relationship with Students' Selected Demographic Variables
    Z. Gomez, 2002
  • Advertisements and Stereotypes: A Content Analysis In Three Types of Women's Magazines
    S. Smith, 2001
  • The Quick and the Dead: A Sociological Autopsy of the Medical Examiner's Office
    S. Connell, 2001
  • Why College Students Drink: Perceptions of Awards and Consequences in Relation to Alcohol Use
    P. Reynolds, 2001
  • A Qualitative Study: The Dynamics and Outcomes of Child Custody Arrangements in Divorce Mediations
    A. Janson, 2001
  • The Effects of the Death of a Spouse on the Behavior of the Surviving Spouse
    C. Cloaninger, 1998
  • Physician "Non-Nocere" (Do No Harm): Perceptions of the Problem of Iatrogenesis Among Physicians and Nurses
    J. Nesheiwat, 1997
  • Some Sociological and Psychological Effects of the Oklahoma City Bombing Response on Oklahoma City Firefighters
    A. Boudreaux, 1996
  • Language Retention Among the Desert River Native Americans: A Study of Social Factors Leading to Linguistic Change
    S. Ulfelts, 1986