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Recent Student Research Projects and Awards

Senior projects advised in the sociology and anthropology department: 

  • What Keeps Interracial Couples Together:  A Look at Homophily and Contact Theory Abigail Boll, 2016
  • A Balancing Act: The Impact of Christianity on Modern Native American Identity
    Alexandra Sullivan, 2016
  • An Examination of the Outcomes of the Florida Foster Care System: A Quantitative Analysis of Secondary Data
    Brianna Cupp, 2017
  • The Relationship between Aggression and Academic Performance in Collegiate Student Athletes
    Rachel Valocchi, 2017 (winner of the Joel Stanton Wright Department of Sociology and Anthropology Award for Outstanding Senior Thesis)
  • The Effect of Race on Jury Selection: A qualitative study of peremptory challenge usage in Volusia County, Florida
    Nicole Furlani, 2017
  • Cultural Influences on Attitudes and Usage of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Obstetrics
    Cynthia Hager, 2018
  • Socioeconomics and Demographic Effects of Stigmatized Perception of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Testing in College Students
    Alexis Cruz, 2019
  • The Decision to Veil: Muslim-American Women on Stetson University’s Deland Campus Discuss Their Choices
    Kayla Diefendorf, 2019
  • Exploring Perceptions of Healthcare Access among Rural Honduran Community Members Using Mixed Methods
    Vincenzo Cornacchione, 2019 (winner of The Durkheim Prize for Research Excellence in Sociology)
  • The Effects of Upbringing on Student Athletes from Low Socioeconomic Status (SES) Household
    Garner Spoljaric, 2020
  • Interpretations of Deference Exchange in Police-Civilian Interactions
    Kevin (Wilson) Grooms, 2020

Sociology and Anthropology Awards

The Durkheim Prize for Research Excellence in Sociology

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology grants this award for a truly outstanding senior research thesis in sociology, but it is not awarded every year. The award includes a monetary prize, a student membership to the American Sociological Association, and the student's name on a plaque. The department's sociology faculty members select the honoree.

The Joel Stanton Wright Sociology and Anthropology Senior Thesis Award for the Best Senior Research Project

The faculty members in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology select the best senior thesis to recognize for this award. The award includes a monetary prize and the student's name on a plaque.

Contact the department's chair, Dr. Rachel Core, by email at [email protected], or by phone: at 386-822-7241