Pre-Health Advising

Pre-Health Advisor

This summer Stetson hired a new full-time pre-health advisor! Natalie Bittles, MHA is here to help you along your path to a career in the health professions field.  She will have frequent advising sessions for students, host guest speakers and other events, distribute information via emails, manage our website and Canvas, as well as other things. Natalie's office is 109 Brown Hall and her email address is [email protected].  Please do not hesitate to reach out to her if you would like to set up an appointment or have questions.

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Health Professions Advisory Committee

The Health Professions Advisory Committee is composed of faculty members who will help you through the application process.  Specifically, HPAC will prepare a letter of evaluation for you that will become an important part of your application to professional programs.  HPAC collects recommendations from faculty members, physicians and peers, transcripts, an updated resume and a brief autobiographical sketch from each student and then meets with the students in a formal interview session. Using this information, along with personal knowledge of the student, HPAC compiles a 'committee letter' that paints a complete picture of you as a person and as a future health care provider.

The current HPAC members are:

  • Michael King, PhD, Professor of Biology, Committee Chair
  • Rick Medlin, PhD, Professor of Psychology
  • Michele Skelton, PhD, Associate Professor of Health Sciences
  • Lynn Kee, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Paul Sibbald, PhD, Associate Professor of Chemistry