Gain Experience

Clinical Experiences

Professional schools strongly favor applicants who have personal experience in the kind of health care work they hope to pursue. Therefore, clinical observation, or, better still, actual hands-on clinical work (with proper training) is an important asset for getting into professional school. In fact, the more of these experiences you have, the better your chances for admissions.

Stetson students are encouraged to seek internship or shadowing opportunities in their hometown with health care providers with whom they are acquainted.  While at Stetson, pre-health students have opportunities to volunteer at the local hospital, in local offices and clinics, and with hospice facilities.  Students interested in veterinary medicine have shadowed local veterinarians as well as volunteered at shelters and other animal rescue facilities.

Stetson also has started a Community Health Internship Program in partnership with Florida Hospital. In this program, students will take a community health seminar that includes instruction on health care delivery methods and challenges, population medicine, patient relations, ethics, insurance, and common diseases. Students will follow the seminar with at least a semester of a health coach practicum during which students will contact a patient or family at least once a week and then report back to a health care team.

Campus and Community Involvement

Professionals schools also like to see applicants who are involved on campus and in the local community. Stetson has a wide variety of opportunities that students can participate in. For more information and to learn about other on-campus opportunities, explore Engage and GivePulse.

Pre-Health Honor Society

In the Fall of 2014, Stetson University initiated its first members in our new chapter of the national pre-health honor society Alpha Epsilon Delta (the Florida Theta Chapter).  AED has grown to one of the biggest student groups on campus in just a year.  Some of the things that AED does include:

  • hosting guest speakers who discuss their professions with students.
  • having admissions personnel from professional schools talk with students about admissions procedures.
  • organizing service and shadowing opportunities.
  • offering tutoring assistance.
  • offering students the opportunity to become leaders on campus by becoming a board member or division leader.
  • holding social events

AED generally meets every other week.  Look for signs around Sage Hall and emails for meeting announcements.

Stetson University Dental Students

SUDS aims to assist students to pursue a career in dentistry. Getting into the dental school of your dreams can be a daunting task, but SUDS can help with their instruments for success by building a competitive portfolio. Some of the things that SUDS does include:

  • explore local volunteering & shadowing opportunities
  • expand your knowledge of dental school expectations
  • prepare Hatters for the DAT

To join and expand your interests in dentistry, students can find SUDS on Engage or by email.

Pre-Veterinary Club

The Pre-Vet Club aims to provide guidance for ambitious students pursuing undergraduate or graduate careers in veterinary or animal science, to expand knowledge and appreciation of animals to students at Stetson University, and to promote animal care and welfare. Some of the things that the Pre-Vet Club does include:

  • explore careers in animal-related fields
  • provide information sessions regarding admission to graduate programs
  • host fun meetings that may include guest speakers or trivia night
  • host events such as bringing the zoo to you and educational events about pet welfare

To join the Pre-Vet Club, students can find them on Engage or by email.