Clinical Experiences


Dariya Peretta '10 with Dr. Paul A. Goldberg in Radiology at Florida Hospital DeLand.

Professional schools strongly favor applicants who have personal experience in the kind of health care work they hope to pursue. Therefore, clinical observation, or, better still, actual hands-on clinical work (with proper training) is an important asset for getting into professional school. In fact, the more of these experiences you have, the better your chances for admissions.

Stetson students are encouraged to seek internship or shadowing opportunities in their hometown with health care providers with whom they are acquainted.  While at Stetson, pre-health students have opportunities to volunteer at the local hospital, in local offices and clinics, and with hospice facilities.  Students interested in veterinary medicine have shadowed local veterinarians as well as volunteered a shelters and other animal rescue facilities.

Stetson also has started a Community Health Internship Program in partnership with Florida Hospital. In this program, students will take a community health seminar that includes instruction on health care delivery methods and challenges, population medicine, patient relations, ethics, insurance, and common diseases. Students will follow the seminar with at least a semester of a health coach practicum during which students will contact a patient or family at least once a week and then report back to a health care team.


Nick Konstantinidis '09 in the ER at Florida Hospital DeLand.