Pre-Health Program Overview

Stetson pre-health student Adam Rawji, with Dr. John Canalizo in the emergency room at Florida Hospi

Stetson University has a solid, well-respected science curriculum. Students excelling in our natural science courses have proven themselves capable of successfully meeting the academic demands of health professional schools. The many academic strengths outside of the natural sciences afford our students the opportunity to become well-rounded, knowledgeable individuals.

Stetson's strong commitment to community service allows students to become involved in activities that demonstrate their interest in caring for people. Finally, Stetson's intimate size and personality offer opportunities for students to closely interact with faculty and staff and to become campus leaders. All of these academic, extracurricular and institutional characteristics of Stetson make our students very attractive candidates for the health professions. In fact, since 1990 86% of our students who have proven themselves academically by obtaining a 3.5 or higher grade point average and above average scores on the MCAT have been admitted to medical school. Many others have entered other health professions (see more about alumni of Stetson University's Pre-Health Program).

Opportunities in the health professions are increasing due to new technologies and the rising age of the population. Many of the jobs that will be created as a result of this will be in the allied health professions including physician assistant, occupational therapy and physical therapy. In addition, many industries besides hospitals employ health professionals. Therefore, your training and skills acquired at Stetson could transfer across many industries and you may find your calling within or outside of the traditional healthcare arena.

Health professional schools admit students who have demonstrated that they are academically capable of completing their curriculum, are motivated for and understand the profession that they are pursuing and have the personality traits necessary for success in their chosen field. At Stetson, students are driven to develop and demonstrate these characteristics.