AdventHealth Programs

Mission of the Programs

The mission of the programs is to provide Stetson University undergraduate students interested in a career in physical or occupational therapy, nursing or nuclear medicine technology or as a physician assistant with a solid baccalaureate foundation, acceptance into a professional program, and a sound education with the appropriate technical and professional competencies for future practitioners.

Admission Processes

Applicants must be U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents.  They must be on track to earn a bachelor's degree from Stetson and earn a C or better in the prerequisite courses (see below).  They must submit a letter of intent to participate in one of the programs at least eight months prior to the application deadline and then pass an in-person interview with AHU.

Specific requirements for the programs are:

PA (Master of Physician Assistant Studies):

  • Stetson cumulative GPA and GPA in prerequisite courses ≥ 3.50
  • PA-CAT and CASPer exam scores are above the national average
  • a grade of C or better in BIOL 141 and 142 (Introductory Biology I and II), BIOL 243, MATH 125 or PUBH 308 (Biostatistics, Introduction to Mathematical and Statistical Modeling, or Health and Medical Statistics), BIOL 301 (Microbiology) and 302 (Genetics), CHEM 141, 142 and 201 (General Chemistry I and II and Organic Chemistry I), CHEM 204 or 301 (Organic Chemistry II or Biochemistry I), HLSC 201, 202, and 441 (Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II and Medical Terminology and Pathology), PSYC 101 (General Psychology), PSYC 312 or 315 Abnormal Psychology or Developmental Psychology)
  • a completed CASPA and AHU supplemental application
  • it is recommended that applicants have 1 year or 2000 hours of direct patient care

PT (Doctorate of Physical Therapy):

  • Stetson cumulative GPA ≥ 3.65
  • GRE verbal ≥ 157, GRE quantitative ≥ 161 and GRE analytical writing ≥ 4.5
  • a grade of C or better in HLSC 201 and 202, BIOL 141 and 142, CHEM 141 and 142, PHYS 121 and 122 or 141 and 142 (College or University Physics I and II), PSYC 101, a statistics course and a human development course
  • complete a PTCAS application

OT (Master of Occupational Therapy):

  • Stetson cumulative GPA ≥ 3.3
  • GRE combined score ≥ 297 and GRE analytical writing ≥ 4.0
  • 20 hours of observation/volunteering at a site with an OT
  • written intent to enter program before the beginning of senior year at Stetson
  • a grade of C or better in HLSC 201 and 202, PSYC 101, PSYC 312, PSYC 315, SOCI 101 (Introduction to Sociology), an introductory biology, chemistry or physics course, a statistics course and HLSC 441
  • complete at OTCAS application by August 31 of year prior to matriculation at AHU

BS in Nursing:

  • At least 1 year at Stetson
  • Stetson cumulative and prerequisite GPA ≥ 3.0
  • ATI TEAS score of 65% in reading and a composite score of 58.7%
  • Written intent to enter the program at least 8 months before BSN application deadline
  • Complete all application processes by the deadline
  • If spending only 1 year at Stetson must obtain at least a C in BIOL 141 and 142, MATH 110 (Elementary Mathematics), 111 (Finite Mathematics), or 125, FSEM 100 (First Year Seminar), ENGL 111 or 112 (Introduction to Writing Literary Nonfiction or (Introduction to Writing Fiction), PSYC 101, HLSC 200 (Introduction to Nutrition) and CHEM 110 (Chemistry of Everyday Things) or 141
  • If spending more than 1 year at Stetson must obtain at least a C in the courses above plus HLSC 201 and 202, BIOL 301, PSYC 215, SOCI 101, RELS or Humanities elective and HLSC 119 (Health and Wellness) or HIST 104 or 105 (Early World or Modern World Civilizations)

BS in Nuclear Medicine Technology:

  • Stetson cumulative and prerequisite GPA ≥ 2.7
  • Written intent to participate three (3) months prior to the annual Nuclear Medicine Technology Program application deadline
  • Complete all application processes by the deadline including an admissions interview
  • A passing grade in FSEM 100 (First Year Seminar), a 100-level English course at Stetson or ENGL 102 online with AHU, MATH 125 (Introduction to Mathematical and Statistical Modeling), MATH 130 (Calculus I with Review Part I), HLSC 201 and 202 (Anatomy & Physiology I and II)