Language Tutors

Paula Gutierrez

Spanish Tutor

I am an international student from Spain majoring in Marketing and minoring in Psychology.

Lucie Renault

French Tutor

I am a senior student from France majoring in international business and minoring in digital arts and German.

Niklas Cotton

German Tutor

I was born in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. I am a senior majoring in philosophy.

Raphael Northoff

German Tutor

I am originally from Ahlen, Germany. I am a senior majoring in finance. While playing for the men's soccer team at Stetson, I am also on the Studet Athlete Advisory Committee.


Margarita Serrano

Spanish and French Tutor

I am 22 and I study comuper science and business management at Stetson. I am from Madrid, Spain. I love traveling and meeting people. That is why I am doing my study abroad here at Stetson this year. I have also lived in France and Mexico. I am tutoring Spanish as it is my mother tongue but I would be happy to help you with French as well. 

Marybel Ho Li

Spanish Tutor

I grew up in Venezuela as a bilingual Spanish and Cantonese speaker. Currently, I am a senior majoring in biochemistry and minoring in health science. It would be a delight for me to help you improve your Spanish skills.

Daminie Appavoo

French Tutor

I am a junior from Mauritius. I major in math and economics.

Pristyna Bhoyroo

French Tutor

I am a junior from Mauritius. My majors are molecular biology and world languages.

Gabriel Diniz

Portuguese Tutor

I was born in Golânia, Brazil. My major is finance with minors in applied statistics and business analytics. I am currently a senior.

SiYu Liu

Chinese Mandarin Tutor

I’m an international student from China, and currently a sophomore. I have a major in biology and a minor in music.