Students doing planks on the floor


Find motivation and inspiration by exploring a variety of fitness opportunities designed to meet your individual needs. Jump into your favorite class or activity, or embrace a new experience.



Challenge yourself in up to nine different exercises that focus on weight lifting, cardio, and muscular endurance. This program a is great way to see where you are now as you begin or fitness journey or show off just what you can do. Achieve "HatterStrong" or "ELITE" status in five out of the nine exercises to earn a limited edition tank top. All time records can be found on the HatterStrong banner in the gym. Show us what you can do!

Group Exercise 

The Group Exercise Program offers a wide variety of fitness classes conducted by nationally certified instructors. Various class formats offered include but are not limited to: resistance training, mind/body, cardiovascular endurance, plyometrics, and spinning.

All classes require advanced registration.  Download our app by searching "Stetson University W&R" in the Apple or Android app store.  

Personal Trainers

Sometimes you might need a little help to figure out how to get started. Sometimes you might want to try something new. Sometimes you need someone just to help build your confidence. Whatever your reason, our professional personal trainers are here to help you!

Learn more about our personal trainers today!

Fitness Assessments

Available as either a general or comprehensive assessment, the fitness assessments can help you to figure out the state of your health and where you can focus to improve your overall health.

Learn more about our fitness assessments today!

Equipment Orientations

New to exercise or just new to our gym? Stop by for a brief orientation with one of our Fitness Coaches. They'll be happy to show you around, go over different exercises, and help you get started! They'll demonstrate how to use weight machines, free weights, cardio equipment and other fitness tools. No appointment necessary.