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CUB Reservations

Throughout the Carlton Student Union Building, there are many different opportunities for reservations to host events, facilitate meetings, and gather with fellow Hatters within our CUB. As you explore the many opportunities available, it is important to think about the goals of your reservation to find the opportunity that will work best for you and your fellow Hatters. 

  • Room Reservations - The CUB offers many different spaces available for meetings, events, and gatherings throughout the year for our Stetson community. To place a reservation in the CUB, visit the Stetson Calendar of Events - DeLand Campus, select request event in the top right corner, and complete the request form for the event space(s) that you which to request in the CUB.
    • Please remember that all reservations must be submitted at least two weeks before the event.
    • Once your reservation is received, it will be reviewed by our department and you will receive approval or denial.
    • If you are a student organization or department program, remember to complete the event registration process through Engage
    • And please note that reservations for fall 2022 will not begin to be reviewed until July 1, 2022. 
  • CUB Tabling - On weekdays from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., tabling is offered as a way for student organizations, department programs, and departments to market, education, and recruit students for amazing opportunities at Stetson University. Student organizations and department programs have the ability to register for CUB tabling by using the Stetson Calendar. The same way a space is reserved on campus, CUB tabling can be reserved. Select one table at a time when working to reserve a spot. CUB Tabling reservations must be submitted at least one week before the desired tabling date. Tabling is not available during specific times base on the University Calendar.
  • CUB Tabling Music - During CUB Tabling, music is played to build up the spirit of the event. Student organizations, department programs, and departments have the opportunity to register to be in charge of the music while they are tabling to build up even more spirit around their group and the initiative they are working to promote. Complete the online form to request control of CUB Tabling Music to help this great tradition at your next tabling. 
  • Event Tech Reservations - For some events, groups may need additional technology that can be rented out for short periods of time. To explore technology that is currently available for rental and the requirements for rental, please explore the CUB Event Tech Reservation Form
  • Group Game Reservations - The CUB Offers a variety of games and supplies for events that may help your organization or department in the planning of your next event, meeting, or initiative. Check out a variety of rentable items including spike ball, ladder golf, a spinning prize wheel, and more on the CUB Group Game Reservation Form
  • Hammock Reservations - The CUB has hammocks for a reservation to be used on-campus only by students, faculty and staff. There are 15 total hammocks that could be reserved at one time on the CUB Hammock Request Form

As you continue to prepare for your event, whether it ends up being hosted in the CUB or another location, please make sure to explore Planning and Funding Events for Student Organizations

If you have any specific questions about reservations within the CUB, please email [email protected]