Student Information

AICE/AP/IB Credits

If you have taken or plan to take an AICE, AP or IB exam, use these resources to learn how your test results will translate into Stetson University credits.


When do the residence halls open? When does the semester start and end? What's the deadline for adding and dropping classes? The academic calendar contains every important date throughout the academic year.

Checking Grades

This checklist will help you to quickly log in to My Stetson to check your grades.

Class Registration

This resource page contains useful information about registering for classes, including: specific information and instructions, steps to take to register for classes and tips and hints for easy registration.

Class Search

When you're putting together your schedule for next semester, use the My Stetson class search tool to find the classes you need.


This section details your rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA.

Final Exam Schedule

When are finals? This page provides the specific information you need to plan for finals.


Congratulations! Your career at Stetson University is nearing an end, but there are still several important steps to complete before you walk across the stage.

Tips and Hints for Easy Registration

How do I make registration an easier process? This page provides information on what to do before registration starts so you're ready to go when your registration period starts.


When applying to graduate school, transferring to another university or even applying for some jobs, you'll need a copy of your transcript. This page explains the process for ordering and receiving transcripts.

University Catalog

The catalog contains everything you'll ever need to know about admission, scholarships and other financial aid, student life, academic programs and course offerings.