How to Check Grades

Grades can be checked at any time at My Stetson, grades are generally posted one to two weeks following the end of final exams. Use the following instructions to check your grades:

  1. Log on to My Stetson by using your Stetson University login name and password. 
  2. Click "OneStop."
  3. Click "Student Records."
  4. Click "Final Grades" and select the appropriate term.
    • If the current term doesn't appear in this list, the grading process is currently running. Please don't call the Registrar's Office. Grades will be posted when processing has been completed.
  5. The courses and corresponding grades will appear. This page will also provide your current program information and a summary of hours earned and your GPA. You may print this page if you'd like a paper copy of your grades for your records.
  6. Once finished, log out of the system by clicking "Log Off."
  7. You may also check your grades via Degree Audit.

If you have any questions about this or any other My Stetson issue, please call the Registrar's Office at 386-822-7140.