Graduation Checklist

  • Complete the application for graduation at the beginning of the semester in which you plan to graduate.
  • May 2019 Graduation List This list does NOT include students who graduated July or December of 2018.  It is a graduation list NOT a commencement program list. 
  • This link lists students who have applied to graduate May 2019, July 2019 or December 2019 and is in alphabetical order.   This list will be updated every Friday.      Please check your degree audit to make sure all degree requirements have been met.
  • The commencement website provides more information regarding ordering regalia and announcements.

Early Participation in Commencement (May graduation)

  • Undergraduate-a student who is within two units (8 credits) of completing a degree program, all Cultural Credits must be completed and no Latin Honors will be awarded at commencement.  Graduate-a student who is within one course (3 credits) of completing a degree program and/or one-degree requirement.  Participation in the ceremony does not imply that the student has completed a course of study. No degree is awarded until the completion of all degree requirements. 
  • Students must be in good financial standing with the University by the first day of final exams for the spring semester.
  • Candidates must apply to graduate with the Registrar's Office for the term in which they plan to graduate - not the term in which the commencement is held. Please review the academic calendar for application deadlines.
  • Request to Walk Early in Ceremony

Deadlines and Fees

The $100.00 graduation fee is charged to your student account. Please note that the graduation fee is required regardless of whether or not you participate in the commencement ceremony. 


  • Diplomas will be mailed to all graduated students two to three weeks after the graduation date. Graduated students will receive an email about the diploma once it is mailed.
  • Majors and/or Minors are not printed on diplomas.
  • Students receiving Master degrees do not receive academic honors and therefore no honors are printed on diplomas.
  • Only Latin Honors for undergraduate students are printed on diplomas.

Final Transcripts

  • Final official transcripts can be requested ahead of time with the notation of holding the transcript for grades and degree.
  • Effective with graduation of December 2017, one official final transcript with degree noted will be mailed to all graduating students to their diploma mailing address - no exceptions.
  • This transcript will be mailed approximately one month after graduation date.


The Spring 2019 Graduate commencement ceremony is Thursday, May 9, 2019, with the Undergraduate commencement ceremony being Saturday, May 11, 2019.