Presentations and Publications

This page provides links to recent presentations, publications, and articles on projects conducted by Stetson's Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness.

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Article preview from National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment
How Stetson University democratizes data-driven decision-making and debunks myths article preview from Microsof Enterprise

Power BI solution templates: Federal retention and graduation outcomes disclosures article preview from Microsoft Power BI Blog


Power BI publish to web Geneal Availability


 Configuring the Power BI Higher Education Model #2: Enrollment Higher Education Analytics using Power BI #1: Retention 


AIR FORUM 2017, Purposeful Evolution of Data Visualization: Continuous Improvement of Data Sharing

AIR 2017

AERA 2017, Modeling and Visualizing First to Second Year Retention

AERA 2017

Engaging Campus Constituents with Infographics and Data Visualizations
AIR 2016

Relationship between First Term General Education Courses & Retention

AIR 2016

Communicate, Facilitate, & Negotiate: The Expanding Role of IR Professionals
AIR 2015
Identifying a Proxy for Student Engagement

AIR 2015
Avoiding Dreadful Data Displays & Pointless Publications

SAIR 2015
Post Graduate Outcomes

SAIR 2015


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