Virus Protection

The Information Technology department uses Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on all faculty and staff computers and systems. Students are also given access to our license to benefit from advanced protection. It is available on all Windows and Mac OS work or personal devices.

Installation is handled a bit differently depending on the device. See below for detailed information on how to connect to our school using Access Work or School on Windows or Join Company Portal on Mac.


  1. Select Start > Settings > Accounts > Access work or school
  2. Select Connect, then follow the prompts to add the account; enter your Stetson email address.
  3. Sign in with your Stetson password when prompted. If you are enrolled in Multi-Factor Authentication, you will be prompted to approve your sign in request.
  4. You will see a notice that Microsoft will "register this device with your company and apply policy", which indicates the account is configuring properly.


  1. Download the Company Portal installer .pkg file. Open the installer and continue through the steps to complete installation, selecting default options and enabling access to your computer.
  2. Open Company Portal and sign in with your Stetson account; follow the prompts to enroll your device in Company Portal.
    • Your organization might require you to update your device settings. When you're done updating settings, select Retry.
  3. When setup is complete, select Done.
  4. Open the Company Portal app.
    • Click on the Apps tab, then click Microsoft Defender and follow the prompts to install Defender on your computer.
    • You will see a shield icon in the top right corner of the menu bar once installation is complete.

Registering your personal computer with Stetson University will give you access to our apps.