WiFi Access

Stetson University provides wireless coverage throughout all campuses. Depending on where you are on campus, you should see at least one of the wireless network I.D.s listed below.

  • Students – This network is for students only and is in all admin buildings where classes are held. It is a secure network which requires your username and password (the same login you use for email).
  • MyResNet or MyResNet Legacy This network is in all residence halls and apartments. Access requires a MyResNet account. For support, call 833-493-4889 or email [email protected]
  • FacultyStaff – This network is for staff and faculty only and is in all admin buildings where classes are held. It is a secure network that requires your username and password.
  • Stetson-Guest – This network is for guests and is in all admin buildings. It does not require a login.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Stetson provide wireless access in any outdoor area?

  • Yes, outdoor wireless is available in Palm Court, Stetson Green, around the Rinker Welcome Center, and the intramural field.

What do I do when my phone or computer can't access WiFi?

  • Check to be sure that WiFi is turned on or enabled on the device. On some laptops, this may be a mechanical switch on the side or front of the computer. If you still have issues with WiFi, contact I.T. at [email protected]

I'm prompted to accept a certificate when I connect to the wireless network. Is it safe to accept the certificate? 

  • Yes. We use certificates to authenticate our wireless network.

I am still having trouble connecting to WiFi – Can I.T. help?

  • Yes, we can assist you. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] and tell us exactly where you experienced WiFi issues and the time and date on which the issue happened.