Internal Communications

Stetson University provides a variety of tools for faculty and staff to communicate with internal audiences. Many of these tools are available to users through the website and others require you to contact Cory Lancaster at [email protected] or 386-822-7214.

If you'd like to learn more about our policies, please check out our Communications Policies page.


This tool is found on Stetson Today and the Stetson community can enter announcements by submitting an announcement. Follow the instructions to submit your announcement which will appear on Stetson Today once it is approved. New announcements are emailed each morning to your selected audience (students, faculty and staff).

Digital Signage

You have probably noticed many digital signs across campus. These are monitors that show messages for about 15 seconds each before moving to the next message. If you would like a digital slide to help advertise an upcoming event, an award winner or other messages, please contact Cory Lancaster at [email protected] or 386-822-7214.

MyStetson Messaging

If you need to segment an audience to a very specific, limited, internal group, MyStetson Messaging may be useful. Audiences can be specified by year (for students), school (for faculty) and other ways. Please contact Cory Lancaster at [email protected] or 386-822-7214.

Stetson Today

Stetson Today is the university's online news site and is updated daily with news and information. If you know of a great story or have an idea that for an article that you would like to submit, use the Story Idea Form.


Stetson Communications: Specific users or departments can request to have an email sent through Stetson Communications to faculty, staff or students. Administrators, IT and Public Safety send important messages that need immediate attention or are required by the government to be sent to internal audiences.

Crisis Communications

During emergencies, information and updates are created and distributed by Internal Communications. These messages may be sent by text, phone or email when there is an emergency on a campus and an immediate need to warn the internal community. They also may be posted to Stetson's official Facebook and Twitter accounts such as during a hurricane when the campus is closed. To ensure that you receive emergency alerts by text or phone, log in to My Stetson and update your contact information.