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George and Mary Hood Award

The George and Mary Hood Award is given in honor of the late Dr. George Hood, former dean of students, professor and director of Student Counseling Services, and his wife, the late Mary Turner Hood, a longtime assistant to President and Chancellor J. Ollie Edmunds. It is presented annually to a member or friend of the Stetson University community in recognition of his/her passion for, and commitment and contributions to, Stetson University and its core values.

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* - Now Deceased


Jimmie Johnson '68

Johnson's story as one of the first African Americans to integrate Stetson in the 1960s was told in a Stetson magazine article and on Stetson Today. He and other students of color did not always find a welcoming environment on campus in the 1960s and some did not return to Stetson after they graduated.

Johnson has played an invaluable role in organizing the Multicultural Alumni Networking event to bring together today's students of color with the alumni who have gone before them. He is a mentor, role model and friend to many alumni and students, known for his strong faith and core values, his warm and engaging voice - always positive and upbeat, and has filled a needed role at Stetson for multicultural alumni and students (with support from his wife, Dorothy "Dottie" Pompey Johnson '69, whom he met in the duPont-Ball Library in 1965).

Johnson's volunteer service to Stetson University has benefited the campus community in many ways, encouraging mentoring, networking, etc. His willingness to come back and give back stands out and is worthy of recognition. His professional and personal accomplishments and his character reflect so well on Stetson.

Past Award Recipients

  • 2020 - The Honorable Luis A. Maldonado '01
  • 2019 - Nancy W. Bayless '62
  • 2018 - Gerald D. Kruhm '57, MEd '72, SPCEN '81 and Betty Furches Kruhm '59, MEd '86
  • 2017 - Steve Roy '75
  • 2016 - Luis Prats '72, JD '81
  • 2015 - Robert K. Sitler
  • 2014 - J. Hyatt Brown, Hon. '92 and Cici Brown, Hon. '07
  • 2013 - Dr. David B. Rinker '62, Hon. '07 and Dr. Leighan Rinker
  • 2012 - William Clay Henderson '77
  • 2011 - Mark Clayton Hollis* '56, Hon. '89 and Lynn Darracott Hollis
  • 2010 - Max Cleland '64