Markus-Daniel Jones

Markus-Daniel Jones

Markus-Daniel graduated from Stetson University in the spring of 2020 with a bachelor’s degree of arts in environmental studies, and the certificate of community engagement. Throughout all four years at Stetson, he engaged with the local community as a Bonner Scholar and excelled to new heights in the University Honors Program. He led both organizations in his final year as co-Senior Intern and Student Director, respectively. He conducted his senior research on “The Intersection Between Food Justice and Black History” within the local Spring Hill neighborhood and seeks to continue discovering connections between society and culture and geography in future engagements. 

“What I love about Stetson is the people—the sense of community that permeates throughout campus. All of my favorite stories: from projects and classes to adventures and accomplishments, all center around the people that I engaged with along the way. Professors, friends, mentors, and peers—the liberal education I desired came as much from my connections with people as it did from what I studied in- and outside of the classroom. I’m excited to work in Admissions, because I get to keep engaging with new people and help them make one of the greatest decisions of their lives!”

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Phone: 386-738-6692

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