Courtney Mashburn

Courtney Mashburn

Courtney is a true Florida native! Born and raised in Central Florida, she attended UCF for her undergrad in Human Communications with a minor in Mass Communications. She graduated in 2018 and decided to work in higher education. Starting out in Admissions at small trade colleges, she fell in love with helping students find their path to success. She hopes to study Education, receive her Masters and officially become a Hatter!

“My step Dad was born and raised in Deland and the moment he introduced me to Stetson University, I knew it was a dream of mine to one day become a Stetson Grad. The town, history and campus is so quaint, you feel right at home the moment you arrive. I can’t wait to become more involved with students and campus life. It's my passion to help students through the process of admissions and enrollment. Choosing Stetson is an easy choice when you have a huge team behind you, cheering you on!”

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 386-822-7100

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