Criminology Concentration and Certificate

The Department of Sociology & Anthropology offers its Sociology majors a unique and exciting opportunity! Those with an interest in the American criminal justice system can take a series of courses focusing on criminology and complete an internship with a local organization dedicated to a particular facet of criminal justice, such as the medical examiner's office, local law enforcement agencies, or legal aid.

The requirements for Sociology majors seeking the criminology certificate include:

SOCI 302: Criminology

SOCI 379: Sociology of Law

SOCI 397: Internship in Sociology

SOCI elective: One of the following Social Issues and Inequality courses in which the student completes a major course assignment, such as a paper or a presentation, on a criminology-related issue as it pertains to the course: SOCI 260S, SOCI 304S, SOCI 307D, SOCI 312D, SOCI 355, SOCI 363J-JS.

For more information, contact Dr.Diane Everett at:
Telephone: (386) 822-7244