Stetson University

College of Arts and Sciences

Time Table

The following illustrates when certain things should be done to stay on track in your pursuit for acceptance into health professional school. Some professions may require additional activities.

Every Year

  • Make appropriate course selections
    • Review course requirements
    • Consult with your advisor
    • Have an HPAC member check your schedule
  • Obtain health-related experience through Stetson University's pre-medical AMSA or volunteer in the community

Spring of Sophomore Year

Summer of Sophomore Year

  • Participate in Stetson University's pre-health clinical internship experience course

Fall of Junior Year

Spring of Junior Year

Spring/Summer of Junior Year

  • Take admissions test
  • Submit applications

Senior Year

  • Complete applications (including having an HPAC packet sent to schools)
  • Interview at professional schools
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