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Pre-Health Clinical Internship Experience


Dariya Peretta '10 with Dr. Paul A. Goldberg in Radiology at Florida Hospital DeLand during the pre-clinical internship course.

Professional schools strongly favor applicants who have personal experience in the kind of health care work they hope to pursue. Therefore, clinical observation, or, better still, actual hands-on clinical work is an important asset for getting into professional school. In fact, the more work experience you have, the better your chances for admissions.

To give our students some clinical experience, Stetson University offers a pre-health clinical internship experience as a three-credit course during the summer session. It is a program in which students observe the work of local physicians as well as other health care professionals in a variety of specialties. Students work one-on-one or in pairs alongside a health professional during office visits, rounds and surgical procedures. You may even get to witness the birth of a baby!

All pre-health students should consider participating in this internship. The chair of the Health Professions Advisory Committee will organize registration for the course and hold an information session with Dr. Lyle Wadsworth, who runs the internship. This session will occur early each spring semester.


Nick Konstantinidis '09 in the ER at Florida Hospital DeLand during the internship course.

Local Health Professionals

Local physicians, dentists, veterinarians and other health professionals are willing to have students shadow them. The chair of the Health Professions Advisory Committee can help you make contact with these individuals.


Opportunities to work with certified physical therapists and athletic trainers are provided through clinical practicum courses in the Department of Integrative Health Science. Clinical experience in cardiac rehabilitation and exercise physiology are also available.

In addition to these formal internship programs, students are encouraged to arrange internship opportunities on their own. Locally we have had students work in offices and clinics, Florida Hospital DeLand and Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach. The summers are perfect times for intensive medical experience.

You also can gain valuable experience by volunteering in the community with associations involved in medically-related service including the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, Special Olympics, Rape Crisis Center, AIDS Foundations, Planned Parenthood and Alcohol and Drug Education Centers, to name a few. Also, with some training, you can become part of patient care services working as a phlebotomist, emergency medicine technician, blood gas technician, orderly, nursing home aide or home health aide. Look into these and other opportunities to be active in the health professions.

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