World Wise

WORLD WISE is a collaborative, cross-divisional initiative involving WORLD: The David and Leighan Center for International Learning, the Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs, the Division of Campus Life and Student Success, the Office of Diversity and Inter-Cultural Initiatives, and the Center for Community Engagement. The goal of this initiative is to develop cutting-edge programs with high-impact learning and co-curricular outcomes for our students, enabling them to be truly global citizens prepared to lead significant lives.

WORLD WISE bridges the academic realm with Stetson University's core values of:

  • Global citizenship
  • Intellectual development
  • Personal growth

"Commitment to values" is not just a phrase at Stetson University; it's a way of life. The university is committed to helping students grow and develop into purposeful and values-driven members of society. Obviously, students receive an outstanding education at Stetson University. But the university's values commitments mean they'll be prepared to be engaged global citizens, able to improve the world through their contributions. It also means they'll be accepted for who they are, and will be challenged to reflect on their beliefs and values. They'll explore diversity and gender equity, discover how religion and spirituality can fit into their lives, and realize new and exciting ways in which they can serve the world and other people.