Call for Workshops


Faculty, Staff, Students and Community Members: Call for Proposals

The Values Planning Committee invites proposals for 75 or 150-minute workshops that promote the theme "Activism Through The Arts." The theme is meant for individuals to explore ways in which they can utilize art to move their audience to action around a social issue, with the ultimate goal of social change. These workshops will take place on Values Day, September 24th, 2019 at Stetson University. Workshops should engage the Stetson community in hands-on exploration in one of the following four tracks:
  • Activism Boot CampWorkshops will explore a variety of activities essential to the practice of everyday activism. These sessions will emphasize skills training and provide the fundamentals necessary to kick-start activist practices in our daily lives.
  • Owning Our NarrativesWorkshops will provide tools for reflecting on and refining our narratives, addressing themes such as social responsibility, self-exploration and self-awareness, cross-cultural competencies, and/or the intersectionality of identities.
  • Coalition-BuildingWorkshops will offer strategies for organizing and motivating diverse groups of people with a common cause. Topics may range from grassroots movements to the art of leveraging corporate connections for social change.
  • Mind, Body, Spirit, and ActivismWorkshops will focus on balancing our personal well-being with our commitment to others through activism. Sessions should provide techniques and practices for self-awareness, reflection, self-care and/or contemplation.
Proposal Deadline Extended: Monday, August 26, 2019
For questions regarding submitting a Values Day Workshop Proposal contact Kelly Larson.