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The New Tower

Check out some renderings of Hulley Tower and its surroundings. The groundbreaking for the tower's reconstruction is scheduled for October 25th during Homecoming.

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Five Facts About Hulley Tower You Didn't Know

Hulley Tower, once an iconic landmark at Stetson University, holds a rich history filled with intriguing stories. Here are five lesser-known facts about this historic structure:

  1. The Serendipitous Arrival of Eloise Chimes: In 1915, the Eloise Chimes, consisting of 11 bells, arrived on campus in an unexpected manner. Originally destined for Pennsylvania, the canceled order led to Stetson seizing the opportunity to bring the chimes to campus. These bronze bells called the Eloise Chimes, ranged in size from 575 to 2,850 pounds and were installed in Hulley Tower in 1934.
  2. The Mausoleum for President Hulley: Hulley Tower was not just a bell tower; it also contained a mausoleum intended for President Lincoln Hulley and his wife, Eloise. Unfortunately, President Hulley passed away before the tower's completion. In 2005, due to safety concerns, the upper part of Hulley Tower was dismantled, leaving only the mausoleum intact. 
  3. Salvaged Bells and Their Legacy: As part of the dismantling of Hulley Tower, the 11 bells were salvaged. Two were donated to community organizations, while four others found new homes across the Stetson campus. Today, six bells are displayed in campus and city locations, serving as a reminder of their legacy.
  4. Reconstruction Efforts and Symbolism: Currently, efforts are underway to reconstruct Hulley Tower, symbolizing remembrance, resilience and rebirth on campus. This reconstruction project aims to honor the tower's architectural and historical significance and preserve its legacy for future generations.
  5. Alumni Involvement in Reconstruction: One lesser-known aspect of Hulley Tower's history is the significant involvement of Stetson University alumni in the reconstruction efforts. Through various initiatives and fundraising campaigns, alumni are playing a crucial role in ensuring the reconstruction of this iconic landmark, demonstrating their commitment to preserving Stetson's rich heritage for generations to come.