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Originally constructed in 1934, Hulley Tower is now a shell of its former self after being battered by multiple hurricanes in 2004 and taken down to its base a year later. 

In 2023, a historic reconstruction effort was launched to restore Hulley Tower to its former 116-foot height with a new 52-bell carillon to ring out across campus.

Alumni have committed nearly $1.4 million in gifts and pledges to date. An additional $500,000 state grant is outstanding. 

Stetson University's historic Hulley Tower

Phase I 

  • $7,100,000 goal* Hulley Tower Reconstruction Belfry Addition

*includes $1.9 million endowed maintenance fund 

Funds must be raised in order to begin Phase I, which includes the building reconstruction and bells. Phase II is expected to begin in late 2024, as Phase I is complete.

Large, lead gifts are needed in Phase I, while Phase II will have additional giving options at a wide range of giving levels. 

Phase II 

  • Landscaping Features  

  • Goal TBD 

Phase II will include landscaping and features for community gatherings as it opens up the area around Hulley Tower for a greater connection with the Carlton Union Building. 

The New Tower

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There are many Soul of Stetson funding opportunities that exist campus-wide, from donating to Hulley Tower, to naming opportunities or even getting a bell. Stetson accepts multi-year pledges toward the Hulley Tower reconstruction, and gifts of cash, stock, IRAs and more. You can also select to make a monthly recurring gift.


To donate to the project, and/or discuss available naming or gift opportunities in Phase I of the HulleyTower reconstruction, please contact Amy Gipson at [email protected] or 386-822-7220

greek bell with blue background


Hulley Tower, once rebuilt, will include a full 52-bell carillon. We are eager for each Greek organization to sponsor a Hulley carillon bell. Each Greek bell can be designed by the organization that sponsors it! They will be cast at the Grassmayr Bell Foundry in Innsbruck. 

Greek Bell Campaigns


If you are interested in making a leadership gift toward a naming opportunity, please contact Amy Gipson at [email protected]. Please be assured that your gift in this grassroots alumni effort will go toward the reconstruction of this historic landmark. 

hulley tower naming by bells

Historical Memorial | $2,000,000

Name on official, significant Hulley Tower Signage

hulley tower naming and naming plate

Belfry | $1,000,000

Large donor plaque

hulley tower form the outside rendering

Tower Foundation | $1,500,000

Large donor plaque

hulley tower rendering outside during a sunny day

Core Tower | $1,000,000

Large donor plaque

hulley tower window

Core Tower Donors | $500,000

Opportunities to name historical features like windows

water bell inside room

Water Bell* | $150,000

Each bell will have a plaque with instructions as to the water bell’s auditory and tactile features (2 available)

bells in the carillon

Bell in the Carillon* | $50,000

Name will be inscribed on the bell and Donor Wall*each (52 available)

gold plate on wall, side view

Name on Donor Wall | $25,000

Minimum gift amount for name
to appear on Donor Wall