Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch of the Student Government Association is composed of the Senate. The Senate more directly represents the interests and views of all undergraduate students at Stetson University. They write and vote legislation with their constituents in mind and confirm appointments when necessary.

President Pro Tempore - This position is held by Lexi Falance. Appointed by the Vice President, the President Pro Tempore assists the Chair in setting the agenda for meetings of the Senate, records official minutes of each meeting and other clerical duties for the Senate.

Speaker of the House - Senate is led by the Vice President, Erik Eisold, who maintains the effective operation of the legislature. The Vice President is the Speaker of the House. 

The driving force of Senate, there are 4 standing committees to research and vote on resolutions for the Senate’s consideration. 

Academic Affairs

Chair: Emily Blizzard

The committee works on legislation pertaining to the academics of the University.

Campus Life

Chair: Alijah Santos

The committee works on legislation dealing with the general campus experience, and manages the student organization approval process.


Chair: Skylar Endres

The committee works on the SGA budget or other legislation dealing with general finances, as well as legislation that deals with any changes to our internal governing documents.

Diversity and Inclusion 

Chair: Shadia Muñoz-Najar

The committee ensures inclusion within a changing University, assisting to make the voices of minorities on campus heard in Student Government.

Class of 2023 Senators

Mikyra Giles (she/her)

Liam Leider (he/him)

Austin Brown (he/him)


Class of 2024 Senators


Class of 2025 Senators

Brandon Arwady 

Rania Harrara (she/her)

Madelyn Rodriguez (she/her)

Emily Blizzard (she/her)


Class of 2026 Senators

Selah Williams (she/her)

Teresa Gonzalez (she/her)

Alis Codena (she/her)


Academic Senators

Tiara Oglesby (she/her), College of Arts & Sciences 

Cayla Skeete (she/her), College of Arts & Sciences

Skylar Endres (she/her), College of Arts & Sciences

Julianna Tuttle (she/they), School of Music

Josiah Hall (he/him), School of Music


Commuter Senators

Seriya Rymer (she/her)

Ada Chen (she/her)

Austin Hill

Grace James (they/all pronouns)


At-Large Senators

Ayoub Senhadji (he/him)

Sara Hassler 

Jordan Peete (she/her)

Michael Nguyen (he/him)

Lexi Falance

Alijah Santos (he/him)

TJ Macescko (he/him)

Hagen Ross (he/him)


Senator for Non-Traditional Student

Wenxena Spencer (she/her)


Senator for Veterans


Senator for NCAA Student Athlete

Chloe Fernander (she/her)


Elections are held each spring in late March to early April, as well as in September. Vacant seats during the academic year are filled through an application/interview process.

Electoral Committee – The Electoral Committee is charged with the effective running of the Presidential election cycle for the Student Government Association.
Presidential Election Dates – To be determined by the EC, this date usually falls late in the Spring semester, with voting over a select few days. Voting is done through HatterSync.
Electoral Committee Rules – To be determined by the EC each election period and will be provided at the mandatory pre-elections campaign information sessions.
Senator Elections – Senators are elected based on class year, the school which their major falls into, commuter status, as well as 10 Senators-at-Large. Elections are held in the late spring and early fall.
The Student Government Association welcomes everyone to come and join Student Government in ensuring the student’s voice is heard. Positions appointed through an election process are listed below:
  • School of Arts and Sciences- 4 Representatives
  • School of Music- 2 Representatives
  • School of Business- 2 Representatives
  • First-Year- 4 Representatives
  • Sophomores- 4 Representatives
  • Juniors- 4 Representatives
  • Seniors- 4 Representatives
  • Commuter Students- 4 Representatives
  • Senators-at-Large- 10 Representatives
  • Student Athletes– 2 Representatives
  • Senator for Non-Traditional Student - 1 Representative
  • Senator for Veterans - 1 Representative