Our History

The current incarnation of the Stetson University Student Government Association was established in 1981 and is the official representation of the student body, acting on their behalf with the best interests of the students in mind. With our long and extensive history, we have grown significantly and changed widely, but the goal of advocating for students has always remained intact.

Since 1907, student governance has existed at Stetson University in one form or the other. Around the later years of the Second World War, records show that a separate Women's Student Government existed alongside the Stetson University Student Government, implying that the latter focused mainly on representing the interests of the male student population. By the school year of 1947-1948, the same records stop mentioning the Women's Student Government and show that the elected vice president for that year was a woman. Since then, female vice presidents have been elected almost every year for the next five to ten years.

In 1973, the Student Union abolished the Student Government by a student referendum, and instituted a Student Union Board. This featured a President and his appointed board who represented the student body. For the next few years, the student governing structure of Stetson would be in turmoil.

In April 1974, a Student Affairs Committee makes its way to the records as holding an election alongside the Student Union Board. Three years later, the Student Affairs Committee is noted to be the umbrella group of student governance of Stetson, having the President of the Student Union Board among its ranks.

From 1977 to 1981, The Stetson Reporter writes about elections held for the Student Assembly, which is implied to be the student governing body during that time. There is no mention of what happened with the Student Union Board nor the Student Affairs Committee.

In 1981, the present student governing body, the Stetson University Student Government Association (SGA), was formed.

Currently, the SGA is the representative and governing body for all undergraduate students enrolled at Stetson University. The Association has direct control over $30,000 in student fee money, which is allocated to over a hundred registered student organizations on campus. 

  • President: Ariana Motta
  • Vice President: Erik Eisold 

  • President: Lana Kolchinsky
  • Vice President: Joshua Finkelstein 

  • President: Joshua Finkelstein
  • Vice President: Daniel Hendrick

  • President: George Alderman
  • Vice President: Hannah Weary

  • President: Daniel Mejia
  • Vice President: Lauren Spratt

  • President: Madelyn Rodriguez
  • Vice President: Erik Eisold