Staffing and Supervision Requirements

Supervision of Minors

Staffing requirements may vary depending on the type of program, the activities involved, and the requirements imposed by the Program Sponsor. However, all University Sponsored Programs must have at least two Authorized Adults present and meet the following minimum staffing ratios:

3-5 Years

  • Overnight stays are not permitted
  • Day-Only Ratio: 1:6

6-8 Years

  • Overnight Ratio: 1:6
  • Day-Only Ratio: 1:8

9-13 Years

  • Overnight Ratio: 1:8
  • Day-Only Ratio: 1:10

14-17 Years

  • Overnight Ratio: 1:10
  • Day-Only Ratio: 1:12

Online programs must have at least two authorized adults present in every session and in all breakout rooms used.

Minimum Age of Minor Participants

The minimum age of minor participants in university-sponsored programs is age three (3). Additionally, all participants must be toilet trained in order to attend a University Sponsored Program.

Bathroom Supervision

For minors aged twelve (12) and under, an Authorized Adult shall escort two or more Minors to the bathroom for group bathroom breaks. The Authorized Adult should not send in more Minors than there are stalls and/or urinals available. As one Minor exits the bathroom, another may enter. The Authorized Adult shall stand by the doorway and ensure Minors are leaving the bathroom in a timely manner.

During periods of transition from one activity to another, Minors do not need permission to use bathrooms, but Authorized Adults should monitor bathrooms to ensure Minors are not lingering or acting inappropriately in them.

Program Director shall use their discretion when establishing bathroom supervision guidelines for overnight programs. Consideration should be given to the age of participants and the style of bathrooms provided in the lodging accommodations.

If Authorized Adults must use a bathroom when a Minor is present, the Authorized Adult needs to follow the rule of three, i.e. at least one other Authorized Adult or minor should also be present. Authorized Adults shall not change clothing nor shower in bathrooms or locker rooms at the same time as Minors, nor should they watch Minors undress or shower. While minors shower, at least one Authorized Adult shall stand within earshot of the Minors to ensure that no adults are showering with them and that the minors are behaving appropriately.

Residential Building Supervision

Staffing ratios for overnight participants will be enforced by floor and/or pod in residential buildings. Authorized Adults are not permitted to share overnight accommodations with a Minor unless the Minor is a natural or legal dependent of the Authorized Adult. An Authorized Adult should not enter a Minor’s room, bathroom facility, or similar area without another Authorized Adult in attendance unless the Minor is a natural or legal dependent of the Authorized Adult.

Residential Assignment Guidelines for Overnight Participants

Two people will be assigned to each double room. Exceptions to double occupancy may be made when circumstances require individuals providing supervision to be assigned to separate floors of the residence hall. Except in cases involving family members or staff assigned to provide supervision and/or control of Minors, every effort will be made to assign male and female campers to different residence halls. If this is not possible, male and female participants will be assigned to different floors. Unrelated males and females will not be assigned to rooms where they will share the same bathroom.

Emergency Exception

The prohibition on One-on-One Contact may be temporarily suspended if an emergency situation warrants it (e.g., one adult accompanies a minor to the emergency room, is summoning law enforcement or is searching for a missing person). An additional Authorized Adult must join the group to meet the required supervisory ratio as soon as possible.

Requirements for University-Sponsored Programs with Minors in University Recreation Facilities

At the DeLand Campus, non-student facility users must be 16 years of age or older, unless accompanied and supervised by an adult. Cardio and weight room spaces cannot be used by non-student facility users under 16 years old. At the College of Law, anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult while using the Recreation Facilities.