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Policies at Stetson University

Academic Policies

Academic Affairs


Academic Student Policies Graduate

Academic Affairs

College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Programs Academic Honor Code

Records, Grades and Registration

School of Business Administration Graduate Programs Academic Honor Code

Academic Student Policies Undergraduate

Organization, Policies and Procedures Manual

Section 2 - Organization and Administration of the University

Section 4 - Human Resources Policies

Statements on Academic Freedom and Professional Ethics, Faculty Appointments, General Statement on Tenure and Requests for Reasons for Non-tenure or Non-promotion

Other Policies

Concerns and Grievances





Safety, Security and Health

Student Health

Tuition, Fees and Business-Related Policies

Webs, Technology and Security

Student Athletics Policy Handbook

Section 1: Student-Athlete Resources

Section 2: Financial Aid and Scholarship

Section 8: NCAA Rules Relevant to the Student-Athlete

Section 10: Sports Medicine

Student Athletics Policy Manual

Section 1: Departmental Purpose and Organizations

Section 3: Athletic Budgets, Revenues, Leases and Purchasing

Section 9: Scheduling (Game and Practice)

Section 10: Team Travel

Section 11: Athletic Tickets, Complimentary Admissions and Credentials

Section 13: Athletic Scholarships/ Financial Aid

Section 14: Certification of Eligibility, Amateurism and Financial Aid

Section 16: Sport Medicine

Section 18: Outdoor Safety Procedures for Sporting Events

Section 20: Drug Testing – NCAA