Policies at Stetson University College of Law

If you are looking for a current policy, please search in PolicyTech first. Policies are in the process of being migrated into PolicyTech. Web links on this page are not being updated immediately. Only reference the links on this page if you cannot find the policy in PolicyTech.

Published Policies and Procedures in PolicyTech

All current university policies are in the process of being migrated to PolicyTech. PolicyTech is a web-based policy management solution that automates the process of drafting, approving and publishing policies. The intent of this new system is to provide convenient access to university, campus, school, college and department policies and will be the centralized source for the most current version of Stetson policies.

PolicyTech serves as a database for university, school, college and department policies that have been adopted, revised and approved as described in the Policy on Policies. Current policies will be added to PolicyTech as they are revised to comply with the Policy on Policies. New policies will be added to PolicyTech as they are approved. All policies will be transitioned into PolicyTech by June 10, 2023.

Owner, writer, reviewer and approver access to PolicyTech is limited at this time. If you are a policy owner, writer, reviewer or approver and do not have access to PolicyTech, please contact Elise Paulson, Director of Risk Management.

Academic Policies

Academic Accommodations:

Academic and Graduation Requirements:

Academic Credit:

Academic Programs:

Admission Policies:

Classes and Course Selections:

Exams and Grades:

Exclusions, Withdrawals, and Leave of Absence:

LL.M. and M.J.-Specific Policies:

Skills and Seminar Policies:


Faculty/Staff Policies (intranet)

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    for Faculty/Staff policies and the Employee Handbook

Other Policies

College Resources:

Concerns and Grievances:

Copyright and Intellectual Property:

Tuition, Fees, and Business-Related Policies:

Financial Aid:

Honor and Conduct Codes:

Residential Life:

Safety, Security and Health:

Student Health:

Miscellaneous Policies: