Service-Learning Faculty: Course List 2007-2008

Instructor     Course Name     Title
Wayne Bailey   Business Internship   BN 250
Wayne Bailey   Political Internship     PE 300
Wayne Bailey   International Relations   PE 301
Wayne Bailey   International Law     PE 353
Wayne Bailey   Isy: Diplomatic Internship   BN 485
Wayne Bailey   Senior Research     PE 498
Cindy Bennington   Ecology of our Changing Earth BY 120
Cindy Bennington   Plant Ecology     BY 450
Cindy Bennington   Senior Project     BY 498
Cindy Bennington   Introductory Biology III   BY 204
Michael Branton   Introduction to Programming   CS 100
Michael Branton   Web Application Development CS 305
Michael Branton   SR Project Prop-Computer Sci   DA 498
Michael Branton   Linear Algebra I     MS 245
Judy Burnett   Evaluation and Assessment   CSL 501
Judy Burnett   Multi. Couns & Psychotherapy   CSL 513
Judy Burnett   Practicum-Mental Health   CSL: 517
Judy Burnett   Internship I:Mental Health   CSL 518
Judy Burnett   Internship II:Mental Health   CSL 519
Judy Burnett   Ind., Marital&Fam. Psychother. CSL 509
Judy Burnett   Found. of Mental Health Couns CSL 526
Paul Croce   American Environmental Issues AS 154E
Paul Croce   American Cultural Traditions   AS 301
Paul Croce   Internship     AS 395
Paul Croce   Teaching Apprenticeship   AS 495
Paul Croce   Preparation for Senior Project   AS 497
Paul Croce   Senior Research     AS 498
Paul Croce   Service Learning Experience   HON 6
Paul Croce   The 1950's and 1960's   AS 152C
Paul Croce   Darwinism & Divine in Am Cult. AS 350E
Paul Croce   Museum Internship     AS 395
Paul Croce   Nature & American Marketplace AS 452E
Elizabeth Dershimer   Meth. Integrat. Arts Elem. Sch EN 310
Elizabeth Dershimer   Natural & Social Science/Elem   EN 328
Elizabeth Dershimer   Isy: ECE Curr & Devel Concerns EN 386
Elizabeth Dershimer   Student Teaching-Elem   EN 430
Michael Denner   Cooperative Teaching Experience HON 390
Michael Denner   Capstone Colloquium   HON 8
Michael Denner   Elementary Russian II   RSN 102
Michael Denner   Second Year Russian   RSN 202
Michael Denner   Tpcs: Soviet&Russian Film   RS 390
Anne Hallum   Mentored Field Exp:Preparation LAS 103
Anne Hallum   American National Government PE 101
Anne Hallum   Environmental Politics   PE 316
Anne Hallum   The American Presidency   PE 318
Bette Heins   Educational Psychology   EN 255
Bette Heins   Educ Mgmt Excep Stdt - Elem   EN 474
Bette Heins   Educ Mgmt Except/Secondary   EN 474
Bette Heins   Ed Mgmt of Diverse Population EN 574
Bette Heins   Directed Study     EN 685
David Hill     American National Government PE 101
David Hill     Political Analysis     PE 325
David Hill     Topics: US Political Parties   PE 390
David Hill     Congress     PE 320
Cindy Irizarry   Interpersonal Communication   CN 205
Cindy Irizarry   Small Group Communication   CN 316
Cindy Irizarry   Senior Research     CN 498
Cindy Irizarry   Comm Studies Internship   CN 300
Cindy Irizarry   Qual. Theory and Methodology CN 311
Cindy Irizarry   Senior Sem . Res. Proposal   CN 497
Mike King     Intro. Biology I-Lab     BY 101
Mike King     Neurobiology     BY 409
Mike King     Senior Project     BY 498
Mike King     Animal Behavior     BY 316
Mike King     Research Proposal     BY 396
Mike King     Senior Seminar     BY 496
Nancy Leonard   Study Abroad Spring-France   FH 330
Nancy Leonard   Study Abroad Spring-Germany GN 330
Nancy Leonard   Study Abroad Spring -Mexico   MX 330
Nancy Leonard   Study Abroad Fall-France   FH 329
Nancy Leonard   Study Abroad Fall-Germany   GN 329
Nancy Leonard   Study Abroad Fall - Mexico   MX 329
Nancy Leonard   Study Abroad Fall -Russia   RSN 329
Nancy Leonard   Study Abroad Fall -Spain   SH 329
Neal Long     Intro to Humane Economics   ES 106E
Neal Long     Energy, Environ. and Economics ES 325
Neal Long     Microcredit Workshops   ES 342
Neal Long     Principles of Economics-Micro   ES 102
Greg McCann   Business Law I     BL 407
Greg McCann   Family Business Profile   FE 235
Greg McCann   Family Business Internship   FE 375
Greg McCann   Family Business Capstone   FE 455
Greg McCann   Special Topics in Business   BN 109
Shawnrece Miller            
Emily Mieras   Seminar: Popular Culture   AS 151
Emily Mieras   Women in the US     AS 320
Emily Mieras   Gender,Race,Class,Sexuality   WGS 100C
Emily Mieras   Internship     WGS 310
Emily Mieras   Multicultural United States   AS 155C
Emily Mieras   American Consumer Culture   AS 220
Emily Mieras   Tpcs: Beauty & Body Am. Culture AS 390
Emily Mieras   Tpcs: Amer. Consumer Culture   SY 290
Bill Nylen     Politics of Developing World   PE 145C
Bill Nylen     Comparative Politics   PE 235C
Bill Nylen     Latin American Politics   PE 346C
Bill Nylen     Democracy and Political Partic   PE 427
Greg Sapp   Intro to Christianity     REL 108
Greg Sapp   Top. in Rel: Self & World   REL 190
Greg Sapp   Augustine     REL 405
John Schorr   Intro to Sociology     SY 101
John Schorr   Population, Society, & Environ SY 315
John Schorr   Quant. Meth of Social Research SY 430
John Schorr   Isy: Mthds Styles Soc Sci Comm SY 485
John Schorr   Community-Based Research   SY 363
John Schorr   Tools Quantitative Analysis   SY 440
Bob Sitler     Internship Mex-Am Community AS 390C
Bob Sitler     Intro to Readings in Spanish   SH 202
Bob Sitler     Intern Mexican-Amer Community SH 300C
Bob Sitler     Surv of Spanish Amer Civiliz.   SH 306C
Bob Sitler     Tpc: Amerindians Latin Amer Lit SH 308
Bob Sitler     Topics: Internship Span/Am Comm AS 390
Bob Sitler     Intro to LAS:Humanities   LAS 100
Bob Sitler     Elementary Spanish I   SH 101
Bob Sitler     Intro to Readings in Spanish   SH 202
Bob Sitler     Intern Mexican-Amer Community SH 300C
Peggy Stahl   Business Communication   BN 301
Peggy Stahl   International Business   MGT 404
Peggy Stahl   Organiz. Theory & Behavior   MGT 519
Jim Thaler     Isy: Advanced Atg. Sem.   BN 585
Jim Thaler     Marketing Decision-Making   MKT 516
Ranjini Thavar   Principles of Economics-Micro   ES 102
Ranjini Thavar   Intermediate Microeconomics   ES 300
Ranjini Thavar   Tpcs: Poverty and Microcredit   ES 390
Ranjini Thavar   Economics Internship   ES 400
Ranjini Thavar   Teaching Practicum     ES 401
Ranjini Thavar   Senior Project     ES 498
Kirsten Work   Introductory Biology II   BY 102
Kirsten Work   Isy: Zooplankton Grazing Stud. BY 385
Kirsten Work   Conservation Biology   BY 444
Kirsten Work   Senior Project     BY 498