Approved Courses

  • A number of courses can count either for the service learning category or the community engagement theory category; these are listed first below. However, each course a student takes for the certificate can only be used for one of the categories.
  • Certain courses only count for the certificate when taught by a particular professor (this is indicated below).
  • To see which of these courses will be offered in the upcoming semester, go to the myStetson website and select "Course Search." Then go to "advanced search" and under "attribute," type "community engagement learning" or "community engagement theory" (or you can include both categories). Click on each course in the results to see the course description and instructor(s).
  • If a student wishes to use a course for their certificate that is not in the list of approved courses, they may email [email protected] to request a one-time approval. A student or instructor can also email that address to suggest a course to be permanently added to the list.

Can Count for Either Service Learning or Community Engagement Theory

  • ACCT 402 - Federal Taxation of Entities
  • BIOL 444 - Conservation Biology
  • BIOL 450 - Plant Ecology
  • COMM 327V - Health Communication
  • EDUC 275V - Human Exceptionalities (when taught by Professor Fran Duvall)
  • EDUC 302 - Improving Reading & Writing Skills in the Middle/Secondary Schools (when taught by Professor Rajni Shankar-Brown)
  • ENTP 353V - Social Entrepreneurship
  • FSEM 100.10 - Self and World
  • FSEM 100.37 - Diversity in the 21st Century Classroom
  • FSEM 100.49 - Food, Health, and Controversy
  • MKTG 330V - Social Marketing and Social Change
  • PUBH 486 - Planning for Healthy Cities
  • SPAN 313 - Spanish in the Communities
  • SPAN 397L - Internship in the Mexican-American Community

Service Learning

  • FOOD 201 - Beginning Practicum for Sustainable Food Production

Community Engagement Theory

  • COMM 336V - Food and Nutrition in the Media
  • ECON 346 - Development Economics
  • ECON 379V - Economic Development and Human Progress
  • EDUC 245H - Social Foundations of Education
  • EDUC 305V - Cultural Diversity Education
  • EDUC 370V - Celebrating Diversity: Examining Populations on the Fringe of Society
  • ENSS 310V - Cultural and Political Ecology
  • PHIL 309V - Feminist Philosophy
  • POLI 427V - Democracy and Political Participation
  • PUBH 140V - Introduction to Public Health
  • PUBH 303V-  Global Health
  • SOBA 209V - Intro to Business Ethics
  • SOBA 360V - Social Justice and the Bottom Line
  • SOCI 304S - Social Inequality
  • SOCI 337V - Sociology of Developing Societies
  • SOCI 375 - Medicine and Health in Society