The Carter-Kellogg Scholarship

The "Carter-Kellogg Scholarship presented by Stetson University" offers recognition to those students who have completed or implemented noteworthy service-learning projects. Students who submit winning projects, as judged by a panel of faculty and staff at Stetson University, receive $500 as a scholarship for their hard work and contributions to the community. All submitted projects are published online at, to serve as a resource for future students, faculty, and community partners. Online applications for the scholarship are available at

Applications must meet the following general criteria:

  1. The service-learning project must have had a significant impact on the life of the student and his or her community.
  2. A partnership must exist between the student, a participating academic institution, and a community partner.
  3. A connection must be established between academic preparation and the service component of the project.

Identification of community needs that led to the project being put into motion

  • Academic preparation made by student before the implementation of the project
  • A general report on the activities undertaken by the project
  • Strong reflective component that examines the impact of the project on the community and student
  • Student Requirements

    Full-time college students who have completed or implemented service-learning projects are eligible to compete for one of thirty-two $500 scholarships. As previously mentioned, such students must also have partnered with a community organization and had a faculty member that loosely oversaw the project.

    Carter-Kellogg Scholarship presented by Stetson University process can be seen by registering at