Students meeting next to Hollis Center

How We Do It

As a board comprised entirely of students, outreach is a huge component of what we do. Our goal is to allow our peers to see that "Integrity Matters".

I Support Campaign Flyer

I Support Campaign

The Honor System Council wants students to realize why integrity matters. We recently worked with several members of the faculty and administration to create a series of posters showing why each of them supports the Honor System. One of the posters, featuring Nancy Billingsley, a member of the faculty in the Department of Education, is shown at the right.



Throughout the academic year, the Honor System Council promotes academic honesty by presenting to students on the subject in various venues. The Honor System Council has also presented at conferences such as the International Conference on Academic Integrity, an international conference devoted to promoting academic integrity.

Values Day Poster

Values Day

The Honor System Council moderated a session at Values Day 2013 entitled "Academic Integrity, Stetson's Core Values and Life Beyond." By using the "human integrity meter," students BECAME the Honor System Council and grappled with evidence, motivation, violation and sanction. It was well-attended and so successful that four attendees are now members of the council.