Meal Plan Exchange

Stetson University Dining Services offers meal plan selections to students with the option to exchange your meal swipe for a meal exchange at multiple locations on campus. A meal exchange, for example, could consist of a sandwich and a fountain beverage OR a smoothie and a breakfast burrito, but varies at each location. Check the Dining Services website to view updated Menus, or check each location's menu below:

Meal Plan Selections offering Meal Exchanges

  1. 19 meals plus $50 HatterBucks
  2. 15 meals plus $175 HatterBucks
  3. 10 meals plus $175 HatterBucks
  4. Block meal plan: 115 meals per semester plus $250 HatterBucks
  5. Unlimited meals plus $50 HatterBucks
  6. Block meal plan:75 meals per semester plus $25 HatterBucks
  7. Block meal plan: 25 meals per semester plus $75 HatterBucks