Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that questions might arise while working with our calendaring system, Event Manager. Please take a moment to read the questions and responses we have to best assist you below.

The DeLand and Gulfport campuses uses two different calendaring systems. You can access each at:

DeLand CampusGulfport Campus

Rooms reservations are approved by employees who work during official university operating hours. Therefore, we suggest you make a room reservation at least a week in advance - typically between the weekday hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to maximize your approval chances. If you are scheduling a Monday event, please finalize and submit your reservation by noon on Friday at the latest for reserving the following week.

For an event to become a cultural credit event, it has to be an approved existing event in the calendar. Then, you will need to visit the Cultural Credit website to seek instructions for approval. Once approved, the cultural credit office will go into the calendar of events and tag your event as a cultural credit.

You are unable to make your requested event "featured." Featured events are decided by the Communications team in University Marketing.

Knowing where to start really depends on which is more important to you: a specific location or a specific date and time. Usually, you should be able to do both, but sometimes you may have to make the tough call. In cases where a desired location is not available, we recommend that you use the room search to limit options to room types that are similar to what you are looking for or to contact the room approver of the desired location to see if any special arrangements can be made.

Absolutely! It is important to establish the time you'll need to set up and take down your event so that other events do not overlap time with your event. Also, if you will need extra amenities and special settings, you will need to prepare ahead of time what should be done.

Be sure to select "Advanced Search" when finding the appropriate location for your event and filling out all of the needed information.

We currently working on addressing accessibility to each building and room at this time.

Keywords are more-or-less key phrases that help end users find your event by searching for it in the calendar. For some events that are open to the public, being able to find your event is very important and could impact attendance.

Audio/Visual means microphones, TVs, projectors, computers and air media will be provided in the room.

There is no cost to rent a room for Stetson University community members and organizations. Additional costs for any other event amenities (i.e. tables, chairs, etc.) may apply.

No. Submitting a custom location will not be approved, as we are only reviewing events for designated on-campus locations at this time.