Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that questions might arise while working on the new calendar system, Dude Solutions. Please take a moment to read the questions and responses we have to best assist you below.

Where can I find the calendar link?

On the Event Calendars page, you can access the calendar of each Stetson campus: DeLand campus, Gulfport campus and Tampa campus.

How do I log in to the calendar?

Before you log in to our new calendar system, you will be re-directed to MyStetson to sign in with your Stetson email and password. Only Stetson community members can log in to the calendar at this time.

When can I submit a reservation?

We suggest you make a reservation with enough advance before the requested timeframe – typically between the weekday hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.  Please finalize and submit your reservation by noon on Friday for reserving the following week.

How do I make my event have cultural credit?

For an event to become a cultural credit event, it has to be approved in the system first. Then, there is an additional form that goes to the office that manages cultural credit. Once approved, the cultural credit office will go into the system and tag your event for cultural credit.

Should I start with the location or date and time first?

While you have the option to choose the date/time or location first, we suggest you start with the date and time so that you can then see what locations are available.

How do I request to make my event a Featured Event?

You are unable to make your requested event "featured." Featured Events are decided by the communications team in University Marketing.

Is choosing a time to set up and breakdown necessary?

It is important to establish the time you'll need to set up and take down your event so that other events do not request over the designated time for your event. Also, if you will need extra amenities and special settings, you will need to prepare ahead of time what should be done.

I'm trying to book an event during a time that seems available, but it's not letting me choose the time in the system. What should I do?

Due to another event's set up and/or breakdown time, the desired space might not be available for when you're requesting. You'll need to find another time that best suits your needs.

How do I ensure the room I'm requesting holds the appropriate capacity and provides the amenities I need?

Be sure to select Advanced Search when finding the appropriate location for your event and filling out all of the needed information.

How do I know what buildings are accessibility compliant?

We currently working on addressing accessibility to each building and room at this time.

How do the keywords impact the event?

Keywords are considered tags or hashtags to the event, where they will narrow down someone's search from the main calendar.

What does audio/visual mean, and what is included?

Audio/Visual means microphones, TVs, projectors, computers and air media will be provided in the room.

Is there a cost to rent a room?

There is no cost to rent a room for Stetson community members and organizations. Additional costs for any other event amenities (i.e. tables, chairs) may apply.

Can I add a custom location instead of choosing a designated location on campus?

No. Submitting a custom location will not be approved, as we are only reviewing events for designated on-campus locations at this time.