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The Bachelor of Arts—Music degree is jointly offered by Stetson University's School of Music and the College of Arts and Sciences. You will receive world-class music training in our theory core classes and in our many performance and private lesson opportunities. Alongside the music expertise you will quickly gain, you will be free to take a broad array of courses in the College of Arts and Sciences to round out your education.

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Program Overview

A wide variety of research, writing and internship opportunities combines with private music lessons, performance in nationally competitive ensembles and dramatic productions for this degree. Guided senior research, required at the senior level and encouraged at all levels, is a hallmark of the country's best students, and Stetson University will help you on your way.

The most creative students typically find a way to combine musical studies with another area of expertise to produce compelling research projects, which can be presented alongside expert faculty at conferences or on campus.

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Program Benefits

You are encouraged to take part in the Stetson Summer Undergraduate Research Experience, which provides funding for equipment, room and board as well as travel. Music majors in the College of Arts and Sciences can take advantage of the academic variety offered by the professors in its many programs, while also studying with School of Music faculty members who are performing artists with expertise in the fields of performance, music education, theory and composition as well as music technology.

For decades, the Bachelor of Arts degree has been the industry standard for personal development in and professional preparation for modern languages, national studies, history, the full array of social sciences, philosophy, politics, theater, professional education, communication, English, religious studies, the list goes on and on. For the music connoisseur, this Bachelor of Arts degree may be just the right balance between surveying the various topics available in the College of Arts and Sciences and expanding on musical training and performance you have come to enjoy. The full rigor of the School of Music core requires experience and some expertise upon arrival at Stetson, so prepare now for your audition. But, many musicians do not want music as their only source of income and that is where the combined studies with the College of Arts and Sciences comes into play.

The School of Music awards several awards for undergraduates, including the Presser Scholarship, membership opportunities in Pi Kappa Lambda and special scholarships based on achievement and performance during the undergraduate career. Students can also join the international music fraternities: Sigma Alpha Iota (women) and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia (men).

The senior recital and the senior research project combine to form a substantive capstone experience, both of which can lead into work or graduate school opportunities. Recent projects have included combinations between Psychology and Music with a study on film score impact in the Star Wars film franchise, Political Science and Music with a study on censorship in Brazilian popular music, Computer Science and music with a study on the mathematical plausibility of artificial intelligence composing historically informed music. The possibilities are endless


Several music faculty are available to guide you through your senior research as you develop a senior research project that builds on relationships between music and other disciplines. Or you can focus on a strictly musical project or a strictly non-music project with a faculty member in the Arts and Sciences. Either way, as a music major who is busy in the College of Arts and Sciences, you can take advantage of the academic variety offered by the professors in its many programs, while also studying with School of Music faculty members who are performing artists with expertise in the fields of performance, music education, theory and composition as well as music technology.

Career Significance

With this degree, you will be able to go on into the various careers or graduate programs available to all Bachelor of Arts graduates, but you can also apply to graduate schools in music as you continue your rigorous practice and performance regimen. Bachelor of Arts students from Stetson are regularly accepted into law school and medical school. They are awarded political internships, and they become working professionals in the business or technology worlds. They are communications experts who connect effectively with fields in business, education, medicine, science, education and many other fields. Careers range from journalism and teaching posts to consulting and leadership in politics and law and business. You just have to combine your passions to find where today's complicated world needs you.

Success Stories

Many of our Bachelor of Arts - Music students go on to graduate study because the high-income jobs that hold these student's attention require advanced study. Laws school, the Masters of Business Administration and various graduate programs in the Social Sciences are available to Stetson committed students. Many take jobs in education or travel abroad to enrich their linguistic abilities, while still others develop successful non-profit institutions or strike out on entrepreneurial ventures with religious or social concerns. One even took a job in cybersecurity. The key is the interdisciplinary nature of the program and of the freedom graduates enjoy applying for widely varying jobs or graduate programs.

Career Outlook

The demand for talent is always high, and students graduating with a Bachelor of Music degree, whether in composition, performance or theory, will discover career paths aligned to their specific talents and capabilities. Some students go on to more in-depth study in graduate programs, and some find their calling by bringing music to their communities and schools. The Career Insight tool is built on a national database of job openings, postings and requirements, but for many students in Stetson's School of Music, career connections are made during their course of study and through their practice and performance, and with the guidance of their faculty and colleagues. Approximately one-third of positions related to performing arts and teaching ask for a Bachelor's degree, and nearly half of all openings are for candidates with one to two years of experience — a good indication there is demand for music graduates.

Source: Burning Glass Technologies 2019.

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