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To help students prepare for the practice of law in specialized settings, Stetson University College of Law permits students to focus their studies on the elective curriculum and earn a Certificate of Concentration along with the Juris Doctor degree.

The certificate programs are a way for students to distinguish themselves and show employers that they have the necessary knowledge and skills to practice in that area. Certificates are available in:

Application Procedure

Any Stetson law student in good standing who has completed not less than 30 credits and not more than 45 credits may apply for acceptance into a concentration program. Students may obtain an application at the Registrar's Office or by downloading a PDF application (see links above). The completed application should be submitted to the Registrar's Office. The Registrar's Office will forward the application and a copy of the student's transcript to the appropriate center. The director of the Center will make the final determination on all applications for acceptance into the program based upon consideration of the student's demonstrated commitment to the program and the likelihood that the student will be able to successfully complete the requirements of the program. Students will be notified by email of their acceptance or denial into the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a student receive if he or she successfully completes the program?

A Certificate of Concentration with the J.D. diploma.

By what point must a student achieve the 3.0 G.P.A. within the program?

By his or her graduation date.

How many students will be selected for each program in a given year?

Approximately 10 students can be in a program at one time. We anticipate, however, being able to take more than 10 students in the Advocacy program.

When is the earliest a student can apply for the program?

After completing 30 hours of academic credit. A student may not apply after the student has completed 45 hours of academic credit. Thus, most full-time students will need to apply during the second fall/spring semester, and most part-time students will need to apply during the third spring or summer semester.

Is there any fee to participate in the program or to get the certificate?


Do students in the concentration programs get preferences in the lottery for the required classes?

No. Students will need to work with the concentration advisors to carefully plan their elective schedules through graduation. The Registrar's Office will work with the concentration advisors during the registration period to ensure that students are able to complete all concentration requirements before graduation.

With whom should I speak for additional information?

Advocacy: Professor Elizabeth Boals, or Katherine Donoghue
Business Law: Professor Andrew Appleby
Elder Law: Professor Roberta K. Flowers
Environmental Law: Professor Gardner, Professor Boudreaux, or Professor Long
International Law: Associate Dean Darryl Wilson
Social Justice Advocacy: Professor Kristen Adams and Professor Judith A.M. Scully