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Learn more about us and what we do. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us at 727-562-7815 or [email protected].

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Our Office of Career and Professional Development guides, coaches, and provides support throughout your law school experience and beyond.

You may reach out to a coach you’ve already worked with or, if you haven’t worked with anyone or would like to make a change, do it now by completing this form.

Get your resume in shape for the summer you want.

Top Ten Tips for Law Student Resumes

  • You don't have to include your physical address. Most of your job and career correspondence will be electronic; your physical address is unnecessary.
  • Education, latest first, is the first section on your resume while you are in school. You don’t need a summary—that info should be in your cover letter. A Stetson JD is a Juris Doctor (not a Juris Doctorate).
  • Horizontal lines stop the eye from moving down the page. You want your resume to flow smoothly, so save some space and leave out the lines.
  • All fonts should be the same type, though you might use Bold, Capitals, or Italics. Use simple fonts: Helvetica, Calibri, Times New Roman, and Arial are all popular. Use the same font for your resume and cover letter.
  • Include a Personal Interests section at the end. This helps your interviewer establish a personal connection at the beginning or the end of the interview. Think of it as an icebreaker.
  • All dates should line up with the right margin.
  • Your name can be as large as 16-point font, but nothing else on your resume should exceed 12-point font size (and most often will be 11-point or 10-point, but never smaller).
  • Your resume should rarely go anywhere without a cover letter, and cover letters should be tailored to the opportunity for which you are applying.
  • High School should not be included in your resume unless you are applying for a job in the school district or at the school you attended.
  • Locate, review , and try out the resume templates by searching for “resume” in Symplicity’s Document Library.

Create a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has the potential to help you network and increase your online presence. On LinkedIn, you can learn about your market and the people who lead it, and receive tips on current issues. Your up-to-date LinkedIn profile establishes you as a professional with an education and experience track record and connections in the many communities you are part of. And, a well-curated LinkedIn profile provides you with visibility and credibility, and associates you with other successful members of the Stetson community. To learn more about LinkedIn, review our LinkedIn videos in the OCPD Video Library.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a summer opportunity?

Summers are important in law school. You can get started in a law-related job, gain a needed competency through volunteer work, academic study, a simulation course, an externship, or a great summer job. Actually, you can do more than one of these in a summer if you want some variety.

When should I start looking into opportunities for the summer between 1L and 2L?

Fall semester can be a bit early, but spring semester, after you return from holiday break, is the right time to start thinking about your options, start planning, and take action.

When should I start looking into opportunities for the summer between 2L and 3L?

Summer between 1L and 2L is not too early to start planning for your 2L summer. Much of the Fall Recruitment lineup is dedicated to opportunities offered by firms, organizations and agencies seeking summer associates and law clerks for the following summer. Planning is a key ingredient in an intentional summer experience.

What do I need to prepare to get a summer job?

You need a current and up-to-date resume and a good cover letter that work to promote key your narrative. It’s helpful if you have a few ideas about what you want to do and where you want to work, or alternatively what you definitely don’t want to do.

If you are a true explorer, we can help with that, too. Meet with a coach from the Career and Professional Development Office to build and refine your plan and make sure your materials are polished, competitive, and meet professional standards and expectations.

Where can I find information about open job opportunities?

Stetson Law facilitates opportunities (summer and semester) through Symplicity. All information about employers who recruit through our Recruitment programs and via Stetson Law Jobs postings are contained within Symplicity.

How do Clinics and Externships fit into summer planning?

Clinics and Externships are an integral part of the Stetson Experience. We have an amazing Clinical Education team and students can schedule time to meet and discuss opportunities. Visit our Clinics and Externships page for more details.

What happened to OCR and OCI, also known as On Campus Recruiting and On Campus Interviewing?

During the Pandemic, we are limiting access to campus in order to protect the Stetson Community, so all sponsored events are virtual, including interviews. Many law firms and other employers have their own safety and travel restrictions for their recruiters and recruiting partners. Since interviews aren’t physically on campus this year, the change from “On Campus Recruiting” to “Recruitment” felt more transparent and accurate.

You will now find the programs and jobs you are looking for under Spring and Fall Recruitment, on Symplicity.

How has Covid-19 affected jobs and opportunities?

The main effect on jobs and opportunities is predictability; we have all become more flexible and prepared to take advantage when good things come our way.

The pandemic has created many remote opportunities. There are nearly 200 summer jobs and opportunities posted on Symplicity. It has also created more competition for every job, so it’s a good idea to start your research now.

Some employers require both onsite interviews and if you get the job, onsite work. If you decide to accept either an interview or a job with an employer who requires either, be sure that PPE and physical distancing practices are within your comfort level and CDC safety practices.