You are graduating! Now what?

This page is a guide to resources for upcoming and recent graduates of Stetson Law. If you graduated in this past December, or are planning to graduate in May or August, this is the place for you. If you have already graduated be sure to also visit our Alumni Services page.

Our experienced coaches in the Office of Career and Professional Development are here for you. We provide services to you throughout your career and are only a call, email, or video away! We love helping our graduates with their career development, decision-making, or career decisions. We are also here to toss around ideas and help you make plans that work for you.

Connect With Us

Whether you are new to working with us or a familiar friend, we'd like to stay in touch. Let's agree to get together and talk about the next steps and keep each other informed of opportunities. Fill out the form below and we will get back to you right away.

Job Postings and Graduate Recruiting Programs

We continue to use Symplicity’s Stetson Law Jobs to post opportunities for graduates. We also host Recent Graduate Recruiting events that are meant for you. Both Stetson Law Jobs and our On Campus Recruiting Program help employers find you after graduation. Symplicity remains a valuable resource for you. You remain a vital part of our Stetson Law Community and we continue to seek and secure valuable and diverse opportunities for you and your classmates.

We strongly encourage you to keep your internal profile up-to-date with your goals, interests, and current resume, so we can specifically connect you to things that make sense for you.

Jobs on Symplicity


Entry Level Attorney

Cole, Scott & Kissane, P.A. (Orlando, FL)



Staff Attorney

Fourth District Court of Appeal (West Palm Beach, FL)



Entry Level Attorney

Wilkes & Associates, P.A. (Tampa, FL)


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LinkedIn has the potential to help you network and increase your online presence. On LinkedIn, you can learn about your market and the people who lead it and receive tips on current issues. Your up-to-date LinkedIn profile establishes you as a professional with an education and experience track record and connections in the many communities you are part of. And, a well-curated LinkedIn profile provides you with visibility and credibility and associates you with other successful members of the Stetson community. To learn more about LinkedIn, review our LinkedIn videos in the OCPD Video Library

Alumni Chapters

Wherever you are, Stetson is with you, and sometimes very nearby, with alumni chapters springing up everywhere. The Office of Alumni Relations is an important part of life after law school and wants to help you strengthen your network. Learn more about our Alumni Network.

ABA survey

Every year each law school is required by the American Bar Association to report employment outcomes data for its most recent graduating classes. As a member of our most recent graduating class, this is your year. Whether you have found what you are looking for or are still looking, the survey will help us help you. Please complete the survey and update it as your status changes.

Career Tips for Recent Graduates

  • Update your resume and email signature with your new status. You are no longer a Candidate for Juris Doctor, once you are a Juris Doctor! You may use the initials after your name in your signature, i.e., Kelly Doe, J.D. For additional insight on how to revise your resume, review our Recent Graduate Resume Templates in the Symplicity Document Library.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile. Ensure your headline, education, and location best match your current situation. Fill in any blanks in your experience. If you are working, even part-time, make sure you list the details.
  • Send thank you notes to the people who were instrumental in getting you to this point. The Office of Career and Professional Development will even mail you a free set to get you started. Email Stacy Elizondo at [email protected] with your current mailing address.
  • Join local voluntary bar associations. There are bar associations focusing on practice areas, geography, or identity. View a list of Florida Voluntary Bar Association and sign up for a committee or two and start making new friends.
  • Expand your industry knowledge by following firms, agencies, employers, and practitioners in your field of interest on LinkedIn and Twitter. Stay current with Stetson on the Alumni page on Facebook, too.
  • Create a financial management strategy and written plan and budget for the next few months or years.
  • Assemble your resources for the next step—if you plan to take a bar exam, ask yourself what you need to be successful. If you do not plan to take a bar exam, determine what resources you need to reach your next goal. We can help you with this strategy, so please reach out.
  • Resist the urge to let go of all the discipline that you brought to law school. Apply everything you learned about yourself to the next big challenge, whatever it is. You may be done with school, but you are never finished learning.

Resources for Young Lawyers

View the resources available from the Florida Bar.