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Job Opportunities

Full-Time Faculty Appointments

All applicants must have a strong academic and employment record, often including, but not limited to, membership on a law review in law school, a judicial clerkship after law school, and employment in a sophisticated law practice in the government or private sector. Successful candidates will demonstrate leadership and a sincere interest in scholarship, as well as a commitment to outstanding teaching and university service. Instructions for applying are included on the How To Apply page. Unless we have a specific opening, no action is typically taken on an application. Full-time and visiting candidates for faculty vacancies are also recruited through the American Association of Law Schools recruitment process. Candidates are encouraged to apply for faculty positions at Stetson through the AALS process. For more information, see

Current Faculty Openings

Adjunct Faculty Positions

Our need for adjunct (or part-time) faculty varies greatly from year to year and is largely dependent on curricular needs in our academic program. Therefore, adjunct (or part-time) faculty positions in general remain on continuous recruitment. You may apply at any time by following the instructions on the How To Apply page. Decisions on the hiring of adjunct faculty are typically made six to nine months before the start of the semester in which the individual would be assigned to teach. In addition, most adjunct faculty members teach in our skills curriculum (e.g., Trial Advocacy and Pre-Trial Practice). We generally do not create new courses for an adjunct faculty member and adjunct faculty members do not teach in any required courses (First-year curriculum, Evidence, Professional Responsibility, and Agency). To review current course offerings, see our catalog.

Current Staff Openings

Staff Exempt & Non-Exempt

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  • Openings are for Staff-Exempt and Staff-Non Exempt positions.
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