College Leadership

A team of highly qualified professionals oversees Stetson University College of Law and guides its academic mission.

The group includes the Dean and at least three other faculty leaders who oversee key areas including Academic Affairs, Faculty, and Strategic Initiatives. They are responsible for guiding the day-to-day operation of the College of Law.

Michèle AlexandreDean and Professor of Law
Dean Michèle Alexandre joined Stetson University College of Law in 2019 and immediately began laying the groundwork for a 2030 vision for the college to expand the curriculum, increase alumni engagement, and forge new community partnerships.She has devoted much of her career to issues of sustainability, economic independence, and social justice for small farmers and poor populations. Her scholarly areas include constitutional law, international law, civil rights law, disability law, critical race theory, human rights, and gender. Alexandre is the first black valedictorian of Colgate University and earned her Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School.
Dean Michèle Alexandre

Jason Bent

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law


Theresa Pulley-Radwan

Transitional Business Administrator and Professor of Law


Darryl Wilson

Associate Dean of Faculty and Strategic Initiatives and Professor of Law


Board of Overseers

The purpose of the Board of Overseers is to counsel, advise, and assist the Dean of the College of Law and the President of the University in developing the program of legal education and of financial and other resources.

Our Mission

Stetson University College of Law strives to be a diverse and selective law school whose faculty and students will have a meaningful and far-reaching impact on the law, the profession and society.