LL.M. in International Law - Policies

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LL.M. Specific Policies

Please view the Nondiscrimination Policy (PDF).

Individuals needing information about disability accommodation are encouraged to visit the Accessibility Resources for Students with Disabilities page. Questions can be directed to the ADA coordinator at [email protected].

Stetson University College of Law is covered by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), which is designed to protect students' rights with regard to educational records maintained by the institution. Under this Act, students have the following rights: 1) the right to inspect and review educational records maintained by the institution that pertain to such student; 2) the right to challenge the content of records on the ground that they are inaccurate, misleading or a violation of the student's privacy or other rights; and 3) the right to control disclosures from the student's records with certain exceptions.

A copy of the Campus Security (Clery) Act Compliance Document is available at no charge from the Public Safety Office. To receive a copy, call 727-562-7801, or visit Stetson Law's Public Safety website.