Our Faculty

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Royal C. Gardner

Professor of Law and Director, Institute for Biodiversity Law and Policy
A.B., Georgetown University
J.D., Boston College

Royal C. Gardner
Paul Boudreaux

Professor of Law
B.A., University of Virginia
J.D., University of Virginia
LL.M., Georgetown University

Paul Boudreaux
Lance N. Long

Associate Professor of Legal Skills
B.A., Brigham Young University
J.D., Brigham Young University

Lance N. Long
Jaclyn M. Lopez

Associate Professor of Law and Director, Dick and Joan Jacobs Public Interest Law Clinic for Democracy and the Environment
B.A., University of South Florida
M.S., University of Arizona
J.D., University of Denver, Sturm College of Law School
LL.M., University of Florida

Jaclyn M. Lopez
Erin Okuno

Assistant Professor of Law
B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology
J.D., Stetson University College of Law

Wanita Scroggs
Wanita Scroggs

Library Liaison for Legal Research and Writing
B.A., Texas A&M University
M.L.I.S., University of South Florida
J.D. Arizona State University

Wanita Scroggs

Faculty Appointments to Editorial Boards

Royal C. Gardner
Board of Editors, Wetlands Ecology and Management

Books and Book Chapters

Jaclyn M. Lopez, Climate Change Impacts on Ocean and Coastal Law: U.S. and International Perspectives (Randall S. Abate ed., 2015).

Paul Boudreaux, The Housing Bias: Rethinking Land Use Laws for a Diverse New America (Palgrave Macmillan 2011).

Royal C. Gardner, Biological Diversity and International Law (Mar Campins Eritja & Teresa Fajardo del Castillo eds., Springer 2021).

Royal C. Gardner, Lawyers, Swamps, and Money: U.S. Wetland Law, Policy, and Politics (Island Press 2011).

Royal C. Gardner, The Ramsar Convention, in Wetlands - Integrating Multidisciplinary Concepts (Ben A. LePage ed., Springer 2010) (co-authored with Nicholas Davidson).

Royal C. Gardner, Official Development Assistance: Toward Funding for Sustainability, in Agenda for a Sustainable America (John C. Dernbach ed., Envtl. L. Inst. 2009) (co-authored with Ezequiel Lugo).

Royal C. Gardner, Legal Considerations, in Conservation and Biodiversity Banking - A Guide to Setting Up and Running Biodiversity Credit Trading Systems (Ricardo Bayon, Jessica Fox & Nathaniel Carroll eds., Earthscan, London 2008).

Royal C. Gardner, Rapanos and Wetland Mitigation Banking, in The Supreme Court and the Clean Water Act: Five Essays 56 (Vt. J. Envtl. L. 2007).

Recent Articles

Jaclyn M. Lopez, Enforcement of Clean Water Act Could Clean-up Water, Save Florida Manatees, ABA SEER Trends (Mar.-Apr, 2022).

Jaclyn M. Lopez, EPA’s Opportunity to Reverse the Fertilizer Industry’s Environmental Injustices, 52 Envtl. L. Rep. 10125 (2022).

Jaclyn M. Lopez, From Bail Out to Righting the Course: The Commonsense Action the United States Must Take to Address Its Flood Crisis, Tul. Envtl. L. J. 33 (2020). 

Jaclyn M. Lopez, Biodiversity on the Brink: The Role of “Assisted Migration” in Managing Endangered Species Threatened with Rising Seas, 39 Harv. Envtl. L. Rev. 157 (2015). 

Jaclyn M. Lopez, Can’t We Just All Get Along: Reconciling Pesticide Use and Species Protection, 33 Va. Envtl. L. J. 184 (2015).

Jaclyn M. Lopez, The New Normal: Climate Change Victims in Post-Kiobel United States Federal Courts, 8 Charleston L. Rev. 113 (2013).

Jaclyn M. Lopez, Too Much Oil for the Rubber-Stamp: The Government’s Role in the BP Oil Spill, Fla. A&M U. L. Rev., New Directions in Environmental Law and Justice Symposium Edition 6 (2011).

Jaclyn M. Lopez, What We Should Learn From the BP Spill, Environmental Law Section of the State Bar of California, 20 Envtl. L. News 34 (2011). 

Jaclyn M. Lopez, Dispersants: The Lesser of Two Evils or a Cure Worse Than the Disease?, 16 Ocean & Coastal L. J. 374 (2011) (co-authored with Catherine Kilduff).

Jaclyn M. Lopez, BP’s Well Evaded Environmental Review: Categorical Exclusion Policy Remains Unchanged, Ecology L. Currents (2010).

Jaclyn M. Lopez, Endocrine-Disrupting Chemical Pollution: Why the EPA Should Regulate These Chemicals Under the Clean Water Act, 10 Sustainable Dev. L. & Pol'y, 19 (2010). 

Paul Boudreaux, Carrots and Sticks from President Obama's Solyndra and Beyond, 4 Wash. & Lee J. Energy, Climate, & Env't 1 (2013).

Paul Boudreaux, The Impact Xat: A New Approach to Charging for Growth, 43 U. Mem. L. Rev. 35 (2012).

Paul Boudreaux, Time Machine: Emma's Legal Education, 2025, 59 J. Legal Educ. 454 (2010).

Royal C. Gardner, Mitigation Enforcement, Breach of Contract, and the Law of Unintended Consequences, 37 Nat'l Wetlands Newsl. 11 (Mar.-Apr. 2015).

Royal C. Gardner, Comments, Philip Garone , The Fall and Rise of the Wetlands of California's Great Central Valley, 4 H-Env't Roundtable Rev. 14 (2014).

Royal C. Gardner, Contemplating Koontz: Ten Takeaways, 36 Nat'l Wetlands Newsl. 9 (Mar.-Apr. 2014).

Royal C. Gardner, The Legal Status of Environmental Credit Stacking, 40 Ecology L.Q. 101 (2013) (co-authored with Jessica Fox).

Royal C. Gardner, Mitigation Banking and Takings, 34 Nat'l Wetlands Newsl. 7 (May-June 2012).

Royal C. Gardner, Incorporating Environmental Law into First-Year Research and Writing, 20 Persp.: Legal Res. & Writing 144 (2012).

Royal C. Gardner, Stacking Opportunities and Risks in Environmental Credit Markets, 41 Envtl. L. Rep. 10,121 (2011) (co-authored with Jessica Fox and Todd Maki).

Royal C. Gardner & Theresa Pulley Radwan, Corporate Shell Games: LLPs, LLCs, and Responsibility for Mitigation Sites, 31 Nat'l Wetlands Newsletter 6 (Nov.-Dec. 2009) (reprinted in The Environmental Forum (Summer 2010)).