Biodiversity-Environmental Law Faculty

Royal C. Gardner
  • Royal C. Gardner
  • Professor of Law and Director, Institute for Biodiversity Law and Policy
  • A.B., Georgetown University
  • J.D., Boston College
Paul Boudreaux
  • Paul Boudreaux
  • Professor of Law
  • B.A., University of Virginia
  • J.D., University of Virginia
  • LL.M., Georgetown University
Professor Lance N. Long
  • Lance N. Long
  • Associate Professor of Legal Skills
  • B.A., Brigham Young University
  • J.D., Brigham Young University
Jaclyn M. Lopez
  • Jaclyn M. Lopez
  • Assistant Professor of Law and Director of the Jacobs Law Clinic for Democracy and the Environment
  • B.A., University of South Florida
  • M.S., University of Arizona
  • J.D., University of Denver, Sturm College of Law School
  • LL.M., University of Florida

Law Librarian

Wanita Scroggs
  • Wanita Scroggs
  • Library Liaison for Legal Research and Writing
  • B.A., Texas A&M University
  • M.L.I.S., University of South Florida
  • J.D. Arizona State University