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Our team of professional staff has extensive experience and knowledge.
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Vandercook"Our firm actively recruits, on a regular basis, Stetson Law students and graduates because of their quality and commitment to the profession. It is very apparent that they are among the best and most prepared students anywhere. The Career Development Office is especially helpful in routinely identifying and developing some of the highest-caliber candidates in the state."

Linda B. Vandercook
Director of Professional Development & Recruitment
Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP

Non-Discrimination Policy for Employers

It is the policy of Stetson University to provide its students and graduates with equal opportunity to obtain employment, without discrimination or segregation on the ground of sex, disability, race, age, religion, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, physical characteristics, or any other category protected by federal, state, or local law in its educational programs, admissions policies, financial aid, employment, or other school-administered programs.
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Hiring from Stetson Law

Stetson Law’s Career and Professional Development team is making it easier to meet your hiring needs regardless of whether you are a law firm, business, government entity, or non-profit, and for either legal or “J.D. Advantaged” positions. We encourage you to consider outsourcing your talent identification needs to Stetson Law’s experienced Career Development professionals. We offer free, convenient, and tailored services to employers, including:

On Campus Recruiting (OCR) Program

How it works:
Stetson’s most-popular recruiting program allows you to set requested credentials, qualifications and application materials. Working with an experienced Career and Professional Development professional, who facilitates each step of the process, your opportunity will be actively advertised to eligible candidates, and all candidate materials will be packaged and delivered to you. You may choose to use our convenient suites to conduct interviews or you may conduct the interviews on your own. To participate, complete the OCR Request Form ( or contact Korey Henson at or 727-562-7516.

Job Postings

How it works:
Post your opening on your own with our job board for Stetson Law students and graduates to search and apply. This approach allows you to set criteria and qualifications, application materials preferences, and invite qualified applicants to apply directly to your firm. Candidate materials will be delivered to you via email as each individual applies. If you would like to post a job, you can get started by visiting Symplicity and posting a position.

Resident-at-Law Program

How it works:
Our Resident-at-Law program benefits solo and small-firm practitioners, and recent law school graduates and is based on the groundbreaking program started by Naples estate planning and probate solo practitioner Laird A. Lile. Praised by the Bar and profiled in national legal publications, this model, which emulates a medical residency, involves a commitment by the selected, recently licensed attorney to serve the firm for a specified period of time, and in exchange, the firm commits to teaching the basics of law practice management. The law firm pays the Resident as an employee and the Resident’s work on client matters is billable, at the discretion of the law firm, to the law firm’s clients. Stetson has consulted with Lile and has developed a toolkit of best practice information, template forms, job descriptions, sample offer letters, and other items. For more information on how you can start a Resident at Law program for your practice, contact Joann Grages Burnett at or 727-562-7303.

We hope that you will consider allowing us to serve you. If you have any questions about any of the programs outlined above, please let us know.

Employer Resources

In addition to helping you attract a pool of legal talent, we can supply you with tools to choose the right individual. We offer a range of employer support services, including screening, evaluating, and selecting candidates to interview. Our Employer Toolkit includes essential tools to complete a candidate search, including job description templates, competencies to consider, screening and interviewing topics and questions, a selection and hiring checklist, and feedback and appraisal forms.