Submit Graduate Employment Surveys

Every year, Stetson Law is required to provide employment data for our most recent graduating cohort to various reporting bodies. Employment data play an important role in Stetson Law's accreditation, reputation, rankings, and research on the employment market. We report this information—without revealing or reporting the names of our graduates who provide it to us—to four entities:

  • American Bar Association (ABA), which looks to employment data as part of their accreditation process and for insight on the overall legal employment market. (The most recent ABA Employment Report is available online.)
  • National Association for Law Placement (NALP), the professional association for law school career development offices, which aggregates regional and national employment data to illustrate the overall legal employment market. (The most recent NALP Employment Report is available online.)

Stetson consolidates as much of the data collection as possible, for efficiency and to limit the time you are asked to spend on providing us with this information. However, our accrediting body --the ABA-- requires us to continue to contact you and to request that you update your employment information periodically between now and when we report this information. We may call you, email you, or write to you to obtain the required information, in accordance with the ABA's requirements.

The survey forms below will be used for data collection for the reporting requirements and opportunities identified above. Your active involvement in this process – by providing timely information about your employment status – is essential to Stetson Law's objective of providing accurate, comprehensive employment data that adheres to the standards outlined by all of these organizations.

Keep Your Information Current

After your initial completion of any survey, if your information changes, please be sure to return to this page and submit a new survey.

December 2022, May 2023, August 2023 Graduates

December 2023, May 2024, August 2024 Graduates


If you need any assistance with these forms, contact the Office of Career and Professional Development at 727-562-7815. If you would prefer to submit hard copy versions of any of these surveys, you may do so in the Office of Career and Professional Development.